Capricorn Sun, Virgo Moon

This solar/lunar combination exudes the sentiment of “quality over quantity”.

In your mind, it’s not about how much, but how effectively you utilize what you have. Your aspirations of managing, administering and making things happen are achieved through an emotional investment in using correct techniques, “trimming the fat” and helping people and systems to operate more intelligently and efficiently. Your philosophy is spartan and you have the potential to hone into environments and pinpoint what doesn’t belong.

What you must remember is : as human beings, we have faults and we have shortcomings. While you may see this as deterring you from some larger ideal of perfection, I urge you to step back and take another look: maybe you’ll see that this VERY thing is what makes the world beautiful as well as challenging.

Taking things apart feeds your heart, while you shine through building solid structures through the information you derive via your observation analysis. Using this blend constructively, you can provide an exemplary model of someone who seamlessly manages material, spiritual and intellectual resources and offers the ‘know-how” sincerely, as a service to others to constantly upgrade their lives. Your paradigm is expressed more through action and encouragement and less through criticism and harsh judgment.

3 thoughts on “Capricorn Sun, Virgo Moon

  1. Astrology has been my favorite subject for a decade. This is by far the best dedcription I’ve found on the web or at the library. I have this combination. Very well done.

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