What is the Part of Fortune?

One of the many things that I love about the study and practice of Astrology is that you’ll find yourself hard pressed to run out of ways to challenge your brain and perceptions. When you become fully immersed in this art, there’s an infinite amount of information out there just begging to be synthesized and given meaning to.

From what I’ve heard and observed, most people become introduced to Astrology via the Sun sign portal, and then information regarding the Moon and rising signs follows closely behind. Essentially, these three dimensions of your birth chart constitute your astrological signature.

Over the years, one of the features of the astrological chart that’s consistently intrigued me is the Part of Fortune. The Part of Fortune is derived through adding and subtracting the positions of the Sun, Moon and Ascendant. The point can’t be viewed in isolation from everything else in the birth chart because the potential rewards and benefits of it depend on a successful integration of our Sun. Moon and rising signs.

If we’ve been able to synthesize our astrological signature in a healthy manner, we’ll be much more likely to see the potential as well as the actual manifestations indicated through the Part of Fortune’s sign, house and the planets which come in contact with it.

However, if one isn’t using their Sun, moon and Ascendant energies in a constructive manner, the benefits provided by the Part of Fortune will be much less visible and evident.

Astrologer Martin Schulman:

” On a very simplistic level, the Part of Fortune may be considered a lucky spot in one’s horoscope, a source of opportunity through which one may achieve his greatest desires. Yet the idea of luck, opportunity fulfillment and completion remains abstract unless the individual makes concerted efforts toward his goal.”

My enthusiasm for this Astrological point aside, I would like to make it crystal clear that I’m not here to sell you pipe dreams of “pots of gold” and victories that come without hard work and dedication towards your own personal growth. Whatever the contents of your birth charts may be, we must employ them with purpose if it’s going to benefit us in the long run.

When we look at the Part of Fortune via sign and house , we can ask ourselves:

“What’s the greatest reward that I’m capable of receiving?”

On all levels; physical, material, emotional and spiritual, this is an appropriate question to ask. I view the Part of Fortune as the point which conspires for our joy and elevation when the  combined energies of our charts are hitting on all cylinders.

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with what the Part of fortune looks like, here’s an illustration:

I encourage you to do some investigation as to what sign your Part of Fortune is in as well as its house position and any planets in your birth chart that make contacts with it via aspect. You’ll then get some clues as to how you may blend your Sun, Moon and Ascendant energies most effectively for maximum gain.


In regard to aspect examples, let’s look at the chart above where the Part of Fortune is conjunct the Moon. This suggests that the ability to integrate a healthy expression of what the Moon symbolizes in one’s life (emotional intelligence, cultural heritage, roots, origins, ethnicity, domestic security, nurturing, women, feminine energy, etc.) is instrumental to this person’s happiness.  Any obstacle which the individual  finds that obstructs him or her from a free flow of emotion and the expression of the anima needs to be confronted and dealt with in order to achieve true joy.

Notes: “Karmic Astrology: Joy and The Part of Fortune” Volume III in a series by Martin Schulman

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