How Can I Learn More About Astrology? Building Your Astrological Library

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“From every book invisible threads reach out to other books; and as the mind comes to use and control those threads the whole panorama of the world’s life, past and present, becomes constantly more varied and interesting, while at the same time the mind’s own powers of reflection and judgment are exercised and strengthened.” -Helen E. Haines

One of the most frequent questions that I receive is: “What books can I read if I want to learn more about astrology?”   In this post, I would like to do my part by offering up some suggestions.

While this is not an exhaustive list, I would say that any avid seeker of astrological information and knowledge, at any level can benefit from these titles. I have not placed the books in any particular order, but they range from the basic Sun sign variety to books which explain more complex and sophisticated astrological techniques. I hope you enjoy and I wish you well on your cosmic journey.


(1) Astrology: A Cosmic Science – Isabel Hickey
(2) The Astrology of Self-Discovery – Tracy Marks
(3) Astrology, Psychology and The Four Elements – Stephen Arroyo
(4) Choice Centered Astrology: The Basics- Gail Fairfield
(5) Chart Interpretation Handbook – Stephen Arroyo
(6) Heaven Knows What- Grant Lewi
(7) Astrology For The Millions- Grant Lewi
(8) Horoscope Symbols- Robert Hand
(9) The Inner Sky- Steven Forrest
(10) Mythic Astrology- Ariel Guttman
(11) Mythic Astrology Applied- Ariel Guttman
(12) Susie’s Sun Sign- Susie Cox
(13) Relating- Liz Greene
(14) Parker’s Astrology- Derek & Julia Parker
(15) Person Centered Astrology- Dane Rudhyar
(16) The Astrology of Personality- Dane Rudhyar

(17) The Only Way To Learn Astrology Vol I – March & McEvers

(18) Astrology, Karma and Transformation- Stephen Arroyo

(19) Phoenix Rising: The Astrological Pluto – Haydn Paul
(20) Healing Pluto Problems- Donna Cunningham
(21) The Book of Pluto- Steven Forrest
(22) The 12 Houses- Howard Sasportas
(23) Practicing The Cosmic Science- Stephen Arroyo
(24) Relationships & Life Cycles- Stephen Arroyo
(25) Cycles of Becoming – Alexander Ruperti
(26) The Changing Sky- Stephen Forrest
(27) The Gods of Change- Howard Sasportas
(28) Skymates: Love, Sex and Evolutionary Astrology- Steven Forrest
(29) The 12th House – Tracy Marks
(30) The Magic Thread- Richard Idemon
(31) Through The Looking Glass – Richard Idemon
(32) The Development of The Personality- Howard Sasportas & Liz Greene
(33) Dynamics of The Unconscious- Howard Sasportas & Liz Greene
(34) The Inner Planets- Howard Sasportas & Liz Greene

(35) Destiny In The Birthchart- Howard Sasportas
(36) The Luminaries- Howard Sasportas & Liz Greene
(37) Retrograde Planets- Erin Sullivan
(38) Astrology For Lovers- Liz Greene
(39) Saturn in Transit- Erin Sullivan
(40) The Mars Book- Donna Van Toen
(41) Astrology For The Soul- Jan Spiller
(42) Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of The Soul- Jeff Green
(43) Solar Arcs – Noel Tyl
(44) Synthesis & Counseling in Astrology – Noel Tyl
(45) The A-Z Horoscope Maker & Delineator- Llewellyn George
(46) Alan Oken’s Complete Astrology- Alan Oken
(47) Archetypes of The Zodiac- Kathleen Burt
(48) The Art of Chart Interpretation- Tracy Marks
(49) Visionary Dreamer: The Astrological Neptune- Hadyn Paul
(50) The Astrologer’s Handbook- Sakoian & Acker

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(51) Transits Simplified- Sakoian & Acker
(52) The Art of Synthesis- Alan Leo
(53) Astrological Insights Into Personality- Betty Lundsted
(54) Aspects in Astrology- Sue Tompkins
(55) Astrological Aspects- Jeane Avery
(56) An Astrological Triptych- Dane Rudhyar
(57) Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs- Linda Goodman
(58) Astrology & Consciousness- Rio Olesky
(59) Astrology Alive – Barbara Schermer
(60) The New Astrology For Women- Jessica Adams
(61) Astrology and Spiritual Awakening- Gregory Bogart
(62) Astrology and Meditation- Gregory
(63) Jupiter- Stephen Arroyo
(64) Jupiter- Eve Jackson
(65) Astrology and Spiritual Development- Donna Cunningham
(66) Astrology For The Light Side of The Brain- Kim Rogers-Gallagher
(67) Astrology For Yourself- Bloch & George
(68) Astrology In Action- John St. Clair
(69) The Astrology of Fate – Liz Greene

(70) The Astrology of Transformation- Dane Rudhyar                                                                   (71) Woman To Woman- Gloria Star                                                                                                      (72) Compendium of Astrology- Lineman & Popelka                                                                       (73) Esoteric Astrology- Alice Bailey
(74) Essays on Astrology – Robert Hand
(75) Evolutionary Astrology – Ray Merriman
(76) The Moment of Astrology- Geoffrey Cornelius
(77) Expanding Astrology’s Universe – Zip Dobyns
(78) Alive & Well Series: Neptune, Pluto, Uranus – Bil Tierney
(79) Foundations of Personality – Karen Hamaker- Zondag
(80) Journey Through The Birthchart- Joanne Wickenburg
(81) The Astrology of Human Relationships- Sakoian & Acker
(82) Synastry- Ronald Davison
(83) The Night Speaks- Steven Forrest
(84) The Practical Astrologer- Nick Campion
(85) How To Read Your Astrological Chart- Donna Cunningham
(86) An Astrological Guide To Self- Awareness- Donna Cunningham
(87) Astrology: A Language of Life – Robert Blaschke
(88) The Lunation Cycle – Dane Rudhyar
(89) Planets in Solar Return – Mary Shea
(90) Planets in Synastry – E.W. Neville                                                                                                  (91) How To Handle Your Human Relations – Lois Sargeant

(92) Therapeutic Astrology – Greg Bogart
(93) The Consulting Astrologer’s Guidebook- Donna Cunningham
(94) Astrological Counseling – Christina Rose
(95) The Astrologer’s Guide To Counseling – B. Rosenblum
(96) The Astrologer, The Counselor & The Priest: Two Seminars on Astrological Counseling – Liz Greene & J. Sharman Burke
(97) A Handbook For The Self-Employed Astrologer – Robert Blaschke
(98) The Node Book- Kevin Burk
(99)Yesterday’s Sky – Steven Forrest
(100) North Node Astrology- Elizabeth Spring
(101) Cosmos & Psyche- Richard Tarnas
(102) Prometheus The Awakener – Richard Tarnas
(103) Apollo’s Chariot: The Meaning of The Astrological Sun- Liz Greene
(104) Uranus: The Constant of Change – Eric Meyers
(105) Between Past & Presence- Eric Meyers
(106) Mapping The Psyche: Vols I & II – Clare Martin
(107) Elements & Evolution – Eric Meyers
(108) Dynamics of Aspect Analysis – Bil Tierney
(109) Moon Phases – Martin Goldsmith
(110) The Book of The Moon – Steven Forrest
(111) The House Connection – Karen Hamaker- Zondag
(112) Spiritual Astrology – Jan Spiller
(113) Understanding The Birth Chart – Kevin Burk
(114) Houses of The Horoscope – Alan Oken
(115) Rulers of The Horoscope – Alan Oken
(116) The Rulership Book – Rex Bills
(117) Astrological Thesaurus – Michael Munkasey
(118) How To Be A Great Astrologer – James Braha
(119) Astrology: A Divine Science – Marcia Moore & Mark Douglas
(120)  Aspects and Personality- Karen Hamaker- Zondag
(121) The Mars Quartet – Bell, Costello, Reinhardt & Greene
(122) Love Planets – M.J. Abadie & Claudia Bader
(123) Book of Jupiter – Marilyn Waram
(124) Book of Neptune – Marilyn Waram
(125) Book of Uranus – Joan Negus
(126) Your Greatest Strength – Grant Lewi


(127) Book of Saturn – Zip Dobyns
(128) Astrology For Everyone – Evangeline Adams
(129) The Weiser Concise Guide To Practical Astrology – Priscilla Costello
(130) Astrological Aspects – Rudhyar & Rael
(131) Revolutionary Spirit: The Astrological Uranus – Haydn Paul
(132) The God in Between : The Study of The Astrological Mercury- Freda Edis
(133) Cosmic Love- Jan Spiller
(134) The Outer Planets & Their Cycles- Liz Greene
(135) The Arrow’s Ascent- Eric Meyers
(136) The Astrological Neptune- Liz Greene
(137) Finding Our Way Through The Dark – Demetra George
(138) Gate of Rebirth: Astrology, Regeneration & 8th House Mysteries – Hadyn Paul
(139) The Astrological Moon – Haydn Paul
(140) Lord of The Light: The Astrological Sun – Haydn Paul
(141) Perfect Together: Astrology, Karma and You – Alice Loffredo
(142) The Astrology Encyclopedia – James Lewis
(143) Planets in Aspect – Pelletier
(144) Planets in Youth – Robert Hand
(145) Planets in Transit – Robert Hand
(146) Planets in Composite – Robert Hand
(147) Planets in Houses- Pelletier
(148) Astronomy for Astrologers – John Filbey
(149) Jupiter/Saturn Conference Lectures – Stephen Arroyo & Liz Greene
(150) Planets: The Astrological Tools – Joan McEvers
(151) Your Sun Sign as a Spiritual Guide – Swami Kriyananda

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(152) The New Way to Learn Astrology – Basil Fearrington
(153) Astrological Life Cycles – John Townley
(154) Planets in Love – John Townley
(155) Karmic Astrology Series – Martin Schulman
(156) The Ascendant – Martin Schulman
(157) The Ascendant – Jodie Forest
(158) The Rising Sign – Jeanne Avery
(159) Celestial Harmony – Martin Schulman
(160) Character and Fate: Psychology of The Birthchart – Katherine Merlin
(161) Images of The Psyche: Exploring the Planets Through Psychology and Myth – Christine Valentine
(162) Uranus: Freedom From The Known – Jeff Green
(163) Twelve Times Twelve – Joan McEvers
(164) From Pioneer To Poet- Isabelle Pagan

(165) On The Heavenly Spheres: A Treatise on Traditional Astrology- Helena Avelar & Luis Ribeiro

(166)Introduction to Traditional Natal Astrology : A Complete Working Guide for Modern Astrologers – Charles Obert

(167) The Houses: Temples of the Sky- Deborah Houlding

(168) Astrology and the Authentic Self -Demetra George

(169) The Stars – L. Edward Johndro

“Good as it is to inherit a library, it is better to collect one.”
-Augustine Birrell                                                             


Saturn -Midheaven (MC) Transits: Defining Your Place in The World

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When Transiting Saturn contacts the MC, this can be used as an opportunity for focusing on and bringing greater structure and definition to your ultimate aims in life.

In most cases, these goals are intimately intertwined with our vocation, or what we may view as our  life’s “calling” , which is symbolized by the MC.  

The themes which you may be presented with during the length of this transit will undoubtedly consist of not only questions surrounding your willingness to commit, but also how hard (and practically) you’re willing to work and how disciplined you’re willing to be, which includes developing the outlook of delaying short term gratification for a more solid, substantial reward in the future.

Becoming ruthlessly honest with oneself about personal limitations is also a vital part of this transit.

Honestly seeking and gaining clarity about what you can realistically accomplish given the present circumstances is an indication of maturity. This is not the time to play silly games with yourself, but rather one to sober up and figure out where you wish to distribute your time and energy.

It’s important that you make it a point to devise a strategy which provides a solid foundation for your future endeavors. Responsibility, which is a keyword for Saturn simply means your “ability to respond”. So, the questions then become:

“In what manner do I wish to respond when it comes to solidifying my destiny in the world?”

“How can I clearly define my goals and my place in society?”

What you must know about this transit is that you won’t receive anything which is out of proportion with your efforts.  If you feel the need to cut corners and leave serious matters floating in the breeze than the results will surely reveal themselves in a way which glaringly highlights your need to make adjustments in that area of life. If this should transpire, the modus operandi is to consider this feedback from the universe of how you can become wiser and more skillful in addressing areas for development at the time they reveal themselves rather than passing them off as trivial.

The Saturn-MC transit is a great time to concretize yourself and work on a self-presentation that’s authentic as possible in the larger sphere of the world. You may find that this starts with a thorough examination of your upbringing. Keep in Mind that the MC/IC is an axis. So, in order for you to be successful in this endeavor, you must think about what needs to be preserved, and what also needs to be released regarding guidance you may have received from an authority figure in your life.

It may now be clear to you that parental, or other guidance was formed from a particular worldview which you may share a portion of, but you’re now learning to “parent” yourself and incorporate your own insights and experiences which will ultimately serve as your locus of control and guiding post for the rest of your life. The possibility also exists in becoming a parent in the literal sense.

One of the purposes of this period of time is to test you on how much of your public life, outer world and career has really been determined by your own definitions and how much has been dictated by societal mores, advising you what you should be when you grow up.

Ideally, NOW is the time in which you grow up and take a stand, sending the message to the world that you’re willing to ground yourself based on a definition of self, which is far from crystallized or rigid, but is sturdy enough to ward off those who wish to control you through their “fixed” image of you.

Now, your entire being must contain a fundamental center from which you operate. The key is to form a solid foundation which is the basis for providing direction, but also contains enough humility to consult with the wise and the trusted for periodic input when needed.

From a disordered perspective, this transit suggests fear and doubt of one’s capacity to gain influence in the larger world. Or, even anxiety behind taking on the responsibility of parenting. What could be developmental progress and gaining wisdom and maturity gets sidetracked into constant thoughts of lack. A feeling as if there’s not enough to go around and one is going to be left out of the equation of receiving the recognition they deserve.

It’s clear that one of the main areas of focus during this transit is prioritizing the actual work, over accolades which you may feel are warranted.  Planning with a clear head and a realistic vision about what and where you would like to “master” or “professionalize”, and the efforts that are required to get there is a productive use of this planetary passage.

You may be pleasantly surprised at the quality of the results, which will be directly reflective of your degree of personal integration and organization, as well as your attitude toward confronting and neutralizing obstacles which may appear along the road to self-actualization.

When successfully navigated, the efforts put forth t this time can lead to the heights of prominence, which from the traditional Saturnian point of view reflects a broader base of influence , authority and a significant increase in public trust because you’re now presenting yourself as someone who is undivided in thought, word and deed.

In order to be on friendly terms with Saturn, we must be willing to do things which will most likely make us uncomfortable. We must resist succumbing to what demands the least out of us and put forth the time and energy that’s worthy of our refinement. We must also ultimately own the quality of our endeavors. If there’s anything which we feel we’ve outgrown, or isn’t worthy of our time from a developmental perspective, the most constructive course of action would be to leave it alone.

The key is to emerge from this transit with a clear, explicit direction and the intestinal fortitude to serve as your own leader, and to let your example speak for itself.

*Note: I don’t specify the particular aspects to Saturn, as my focus is more on planetary contact, so any major aspect (conjunction, square, trine) is applicable as far as this transit is concerned.

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Saturn-Ascendant Transits : Mature Lenses

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Clear definition and organization of personal direction.

Serious business & personal mastery.

Maturation of the “lens” through which you process experience.

Many of us have read ad nauseum, the narrative of Saturn portrayed as the great malefic. We’ve been instructed to brace ourselves and fear the worst, and consider it to be a victory if we evade its evil rays until major transits involving the planet pass.

Taking ownership of and responsibility for the filter through which we perceive and process our experiences isn’t a job for the faint of heart. It’s those individuals who are steadfastly dedicated to doing the hard work of refining, questioning, doubting and earnestly aiming to see clearly that benefit from Saturn’s transiting contacts.

If you’re a person who regularly veers toward the path of least resistance, or what will demand the LEAST out of you then you may find Saturn’s transits to be sharply difficult and demanding.

However, if you’re looking to stretch yourself, suspending the comfortable for the developmental and what might or could be for what IS, you have a sturdy and reliable cosmic partner to work with.

When transiting Saturn makes contact with the Ascendant, you’re being asked to re-structure and re-organize the vehicle you use to navigate the world. The calling is to temper and refine your approach in order to draw more mature and wise observations through a serious and authentic self-presentation.

It’s paramount to remember that contemplating a more disciplined and focused approach to living isn’t designed to detract anything from you. In fact, the purpose is to institute a greater degree of self-integration so that what you think, say and do becomes more congruent.

In order to navigate this transit with maximum effectiveness, you may find it necessary to engage in solemn periods of solitude where you get real with yourself. Acquiring the patience to extract the genuine meaning, and clearing out the b.s. and excess where people, places and things are concerned can take you a long way toward realizing your essential core; complete with all of your strengths, victories, foibles and follies in tow.

If you’re expecting an overnight cure for issues you’ve been grappling with for years, or a quick fix solution for backed up neurosis, you’re barking up the wrong tree. The willingness to delay short-term gratification and approach life with an internal confidence and commitment to reaping long-term benefits from your efforts is what you need.

The understanding of pain, not necessarily as perpetual agony, but as a teacher and informer of your limits and boundaries can re-frame your perspective toward this cycle in your life.

You’re being asked to learn about where you end and other people begin and to understand that their feelings aren’t necessarily going to be yours and vice versa. Harnessing the ability to move forward in your actions without consensus will be instrumental in your development.

Often, we have a tendency to mask our pain, doubts and fears through overcompensation, or immersion in the areas of life which are sure to numb or desensitize us. If you want to use this transit in a growth oriented manner, allowing yourself to identify, feel, and release yourself from the pain associated with troublesome relationships or concepts which have controlled, blocked or hemmed you in from a stable and concrete self-image is essential.

A portion of Saturn’s reality principle involves discovering everything we ARE and everything we ARE NOT. To understand that living in truth naturally allows for more accurate assessments of our character. To be able to celebrate your progress and also re-strategize on your missteps.

In addition during this time of Saturn contacting the Ascendant, the need to “live loudly” has the potential to give way to a more self-reflective humility that welcomes the wisdom gained through first hand experiences. Whatever your life “slogan’ may have been up to this point; you can embrace the responsibility that comes with actually LIVING IT as a testament to all that you proclaim. As a matter of fact, if you’re intent on leaving your comfort zone, you have the potential to bear the standard in accordance with what you wish to exemplify.

Through consistency and reliability you can build a solid reputation. Your rewards include the possibility of an increased status and recognition for your personal achievements, but more importantly the satisfaction of knowing you’re operating from an internal locus of control and a center fortified with integrity. Your main objective is to serve as your own support and evaluation system, irrespective of applause, sour faces and the like.

This transit qualifies as a test of endurance. It raises questions surrounding your willingness be self-reliant in the shaping of your self-projection into the world. It’s a time, not to point fingers at everyone else, but to carefully examine your reactions to the reality that life is revealing to you. If you find it to be unpleasant or disconcerting, it’s your job to investigate and identify the root causes of such reactions.

Saturn not only connected with delays and obstacles, but also the level of fortitude and perseverance we’re willing to employ to combat them. So, while there may be challenges, they rarely surface independent of the possibility of meeting them in constructive and meaningful ways.

In his classic “Cosmos and Psyche” Richard Tarnas illustrates the multi-dimensional nature of Saturn’s symbolism:

Saturn governs the consequences of error, guilt, pessimism, inferiority, depression, deprivation; yet it also gives us the capacity for rigor, order, concentration, endurance, seriousness, fidelity, responsibility, maturity.”

Questions and themes concerning time expenditure also loom in the midst during this transit .You must consider asking yourself what, if anything of tangible or redeeming value is being produced as a result of where you choose to direct your focus.

How are you distributing your personal energies in relation to the seconds, minutes and hours that comprise your days?

In his ‘Saturnesque’ business classic “The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of The Learning Organization”, author Peter Senge outlines the concept of personal mastery, which is surely an appropriate and worthwhile focus for this transit.

According to Senge,

personal mastery is the discipline of continually clarifying and deepening our personal vision, of focusing our energies, of developing patience, and of seeing reality objectively.” 

One of the major points of emphasis of transiting Saturn making contact with your Ascendant is to challenge you to integrate self-mastery as a daily practice. In other words, its concepts are designed to become an actual discipline for you

When mastery becomes incorporated as a way of life or process, rather than a passing moment or possession, there becomes a continual clarification and affirmation of what’s important to you and what you can do without. The questions you ask in order to evaluate your development center around whether the relationships and activities you’re currently choosing to engage in are in accordance with your overall vision and purpose.

Senge notes that people with a high level of personal mastery share several basic characteristics such as:

  1. They have a special sense of purpose that lies behind their visions and goals – for such a person, a vision is a calling rather than simply a good idea.
  2. They see “current reality” as an ally, not an enemy.
  3. They have learned how to perceive and work with forces of change rather than resist those forces.
  4. They are deeply inquisitive, committed to continually seeing reality more and more accurately.
  5. They feel connected to others and life itself, yet sacrifice none of their uniqueness
  6. They feel as if they are part of a larger creative process, which they can influence but cannot unilaterally control.
  7. They Live in continual learning mode, acutely aware of their ignorance, incompetence and their growth areas
  8. They are deeply self- confident

As stated earlier, in order to benefit from any cycles concerning Saturn, you must be in it for the long haul. This gives you the time needed to define re-define, hone, sharpen, organize, shape and re-shape your long-term vision. Through all of the re-modeling, it’s still important to be clear about what type of “house” you actually want.

You can experience satisfying personal gains during this transit if you’re willing to put the time and energy into discovering exactly who you are and what you want. In addition committing yourself to truth, not as a final word or ultimate stop, but an internal promise to ferret out your own tactics of self-deception which keep you out of step with a more informative reality.

The potential for mastery awaits you, and that’s serious business.


The Fifth Discipline: The Art & Practice of the Learning Organization” by Peter Senge (New York: Doubleday/Currency, ©1990)

Cosmos and Psyche: Intimations of a New World View” by Richard Tarnas (Plume/Penguin Books, 2006)

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