What Are Some Potential Challenges of The Zodiac Signs?

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Aries: Cooperation. Resisting the inclination to “steamroll” over others in pursuit of personal objectives.

Taurus: Flexibility. Avoiding inertia and rigid stances.

Gemini: Mental focus.

Cancer: Letting go of unhealthy emotional situations. Self-care.

Leo:  Self validation and appreciation.

Virgo: Accepting flaws in self and others.

Libra: Asserting desires. Putting self first in an effort to balance inner and outer life dynamics.

Scorpio: To experience emotional and psychic vulnerability. To become as revealing as they are probing and penetrating.

Sagittarius: Grounding optimism. Accepting others’ viewpoints. Detaching from dogma.

Capricorn: Experiencing the range of emotions. Embracing intuition.

Aquarius: Personal connections. Employing talents/resources for individual use.

Pisces: Facing reality. Remaining present in discomfort.

What Are Some Potential Strengths of The Zodiac Signs?

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Aries: Bold assertion of life-force. Direct confrontation of obstacles.

Taurus; Groundedness. Enjoyment of the body. Building and maintaining secure structures. Assessing value.

Gemini: Intellectual versatility. Social dexterity. Insatiable curiosity. Gathering and distributing information.

Cancer; Emotional connectivity. Meeting the unspoken needs of others. Therapeutic warmth. Nurturing capacity. Acute intuition.

Leo: Charismatic presentation of self. Noble generosity of inspirational light.

Virgo: Analytic precision. Intellectual discrimination. Improvement orientation. The ability to be useful.

Libra: Adaptability. Interest in others. Cooperation. Social refinement.

Scorpio: Intensity of insight. Willingness to travel in the dark and plumb the depths of life experience.

Sagittarius: Holistic understanding. Comprehensive viewpoints. Life-affirming philosophy. Thirst for knowledge.

Capricorn: Preparation. Administrative Organization.  Master strategist.  Ability to delay short term gratification in service of long-term objectives.

Aquarius: Questioning social conventions. Ability to convey progressive humanitarian ideals.

Pisces: The ability to merge with spiritual forces. Capacity for unconditional love. Flowing with life’s currents. The “mirroring” effect.

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How To Work With Planets Aspecting Your Ascendant


Our Ascendant, A.K.A., rising sign is one of the most important angles and very personal part of our birth charts. The Ascendant is our filter for processing our life experiences. It helps in the coloring and flavoring of perception,   as well as serving as a particular type of vehicle (based on sign) we use to navigate through life.

It would stand to reason that whatever planet or planets that come in contact with the rising sign are there to serve us as developmental tools in formulating our overall worldview.  On a technical level, the “rising” sign is the degree and minute of the zodiac sign which was rising in the east at the exact moment of our birth. It’s a very sensitive point in the birth chart, so an accurate time of birth really helps in its determination.

When a planet makes contact with the Ascendant, it’s important that we consider how the nature of the planet, expressed in a healthy fashion can contribute to our overall self-projection.

In the chart above, you’ll see that the Sagittarius Sun is in a tight conjunction with a Sagittarius Ascendant. What this suggests, is that this individual’s vitality and life force are unified in their approach to the world. In essence, the type of fuel they need to operate effectively is in alignment with their aspirations and the growth experiences they need for ultimate self-discovery.

Also, the Sun and Ascendant being in the same sign, would suggest that this person identifies strongly with the archetype of that sign. At best, there is an authentic “what you see is what you get” type of vibe. Operating in a dysfunctional manner, excessive attention seeking and hubris is hard at work.

If you have a planets making aspects to your Ascendant, study the planetary symbolism and think about ways you can honor it by integrating it into the package that is your total self-projection and the development of your identity.


The Discussion of House Systems in Astrology

“The astrological houses do not exist as an astronomical reality; their application is symbolic. This presents a sharpened argument that to use their symbolism effectively, their basis should be clearly understood. Most of us can agree with this in regard to what the houses mean. But in addition we have the problem of choosing which system of calculation to use, a highly controversial issue due to the variety of methods available and the considerable divergence of cusp locations they present. This is often regarded as the most problematic component of modern astrology. With no clear consensus of opinion to guide us, it is an issue upon which each astrologer must take an individual stance, weigh up the arguments, and resolve at a personal level.” -Deborah Houlding

This blog piece will not be a doctoral thesis on house systems and their intricacies.

This article is one Astrologer’s perspective on how we may liberate ourselves from the shackles that can potentially bind us when dealing with the topic of how the cosmos is divided.

For those who are familiar with the houses, they serve as symbolism in our birth charts for our fields of experience. They represent our various areas of life activity and development.

You may also be familiar with the fact that they can be divided in several ways, according to several systems. Some of these systems are: Placidus, Koch, Equal, Whole Signs, Campanus, Regiomontanus,  Alcabitius and Porphyry.

To give you an idea of the heat surrounding this issue, if you ask most Astrologers what should NOT be discussed amongst Astrologers when time is of the essence, house systems is a sure shot to make the top 3 or 4 answers.

If we’ve looked at our birth charts in a variety of systems, chances are, we’ll notice some differences from one system to the next. The most visible changes will most likely be that certain planets will move from one house to another.

When this happens, one of the things to keep in mind is:

this doesn’t change who we are.

I am of the opinion that the specific house system is not the most important issue. After all, we’re human beings seeking integration and wholeness and the entire zodiac, which includes the houses, can be viewed of a continuum.

Often, the affairs or themes of one house seep into the following one, so whether we realize it or not, there are no dormant houses. Our birth charts are a symbol or a mandala representing us as a dynamic life force. Never static, always becoming.

I think our core being can be depicted accurately using a number of house systems and the magic resides more with the practitioner than the system.

If we think for a moment about broad and holistic patterns, we will realize that strong chart themes stand the test of any system of house division.

Astrology is a lifelong quest to learn about who we are and how we can unfold our potential as required by the times we’re living in. I take the position that there are no “good” or “bad” houses. The thought that they’re just might be sometimes plays a part in what system we will actually accept for examining our own charts.

We may even go as far as to take the  house system route which will reflect us to the world (or so we believe) as  more “intelligent”, “sexier” , more “psychic” or “prophetic”, and the like.

Following this line of thinking, it’s reasonable to ask if we would be any “less” in those areas if our planets were located in other houses that didn’t symbolize, by rote, what we wanted to confirm ourselves as being.

It needs to be stressed that house systems are a VIEW. I may be looking at a person from a frontal view, while another person may get the side view. While some of our notes may be similar, we may also touch upon observations which the other didn’t think of. This doesn’t negate the validity of either of our perceptions.

One of the most valuable lessons which Astrology has driven home in me is that we must be able to expand the limited ideas we possess surrounding our being. We are multifaceted human beings with boundless potentials, of which some- we’re not even aware.

As Dane Rudhyar states:

“If a person asks for knowledge or guidance, the asking is thus conditioned, or at least colored, by the level at which he or she mainly operates, or by a conscious or subconscious attempt to move to the next level by gaining a new perspective. To gain a new perspective means to look at life in general and at oneself  specifically from a new ‘place’ in terms of a different frame of reference-thus from a new level of consciousness and understanding.” (Source: The Astrology of  Transformation: A Multilevel Approach by Dane Rudhyar)

There’s immensely valuable information to be gained from the myriad of perspectives that Astrology’s house systems provide.

The key is to appreciate and enjoy the views without becoming slavishly attached to them. Allowing the insights to serve one’s interests as opposed to adopting a rigid, painstaking allegiance to one point of view.