A Letter To Venus in Sagittarius


Dear Venus in Sagittarius:

I’ve been watching you, and I must say: I like your style. I’ve seen you hop the train for weekend excursions in the states, fly out to Berlin for the international film festival and relax in the solitude of the sands of San Juan. What makes it so great, is that this is only the physical part of your travels and adventures that I’ve witnessed.

Almost every time I take a peek on your bookshelf, there’s a new piece of mind-expanding literature to be found. Or, when  I snoop through your mail (please don’t turn me in!!) there’s always some foreign flick I can’t pronounce with your name on it. It seems as if spiritual growth and broadening your life philosophy is just your thing, huh?

I love listening to you discuss your life experiences so passionately. I can tell that you’re dedicated to unearthing truth and higher knowledge in all you pursue. However, I would be less than honest if I said I didn’t worry about you sometimes.

I’ve been observing this about you, and please don’t take it the wrong way, but it seems as if every time there’s talk of some type of structure being incorporated into your life, you get antsy and change the subject. Why?


Remember that time I was asking you about why you had to pay your rent late three months in a row and you started telling me about how many varieties of beer they carry in some bar in Brussels?  I was livid!!

What I’m trying to tell you is this: making commitments in life will not impede on your sense of freedom if you exercise sound judgement and responsibility. In fact, these structures will not only enhance the quality of your life, but will provide you with even more space to teach, share ideas and expand your world and that of those around you.

Becoming more grounded does not  have to serve as a burden, but a gift and extra dimension which can easily be incorporated into your personality. I’ve seen you in action and you possess boundless versatility. All of this chatter that I hear regarding Venus in Sagittarius being commitment phobic and all…… I refuse to believe it.

I realize that you warrant special circumstances. I respect and honor that. It’s obvious that above all, you require genuine friendship.Someone with whom you can share your physical, spiritual, intellectual and emotional travels. A confidant of the highest order where deceit, negativity or controlling behavior doesn’t exist. After all, you must have told me a thousand times that love and acceptance without judgement is the key to your heart.

I wish you nothing but positivity in the pursuance of the high ideals you seek in human relationships. I have faith that you will continue to be an embodiment of that which you seek. May your inner wisdom speak to you in volumes and your spiritual understanding increase by the moment as you shoot your arrow toward the heavens but keep your feet firmly on the ground.                                                                                       

4 thoughts on “A Letter To Venus in Sagittarius

    1. hahaha!! yeah… my sun and ascendant are at 28’46/28’51 degrees sagittarius, my venus is at 2 sag, Neptune at 5 sag, and my mercury at 8, so I’ll be experiencing her quite lovely coming up!! hahaha!!

  1. Yhis just made me cry; as I find myself in the most terrifying situation I’ve ever been in personally. Left a job/city I hated in January in search of what I thought I could have…a life elsewhere.
    Today, seven months later, the insatiable lust for more has found me homeless.
    I hope I’ve learned what I needed to learn.

    Thank you for this wonderful piece. I know I’m not alone; and don’t feel as bad now.

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