The Look of Love : Understanding Your Venus Sign


©2016 by Sagittarian Mind Consulting

As a part of the love “network” in our Astrological charts, the Venus archetype symbolizes our desire and capacity to connect and relate to others as well as our ability to give and receive love and affection. Venus represents what we value, enjoy and what our tastes find pleasing on an aesthetic level; what we find to be “beautiful”.  All of these things contribute to the recipe that we know as LOVE.

In Astrology, the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts, so we must consider how our Venus signs interact with everything else in our birth charts. We can’t isolate them and derive a complete picture of our love orientation.

However, to jump start our cosmic brains, I’ve outlined some ideas about what love may mean, or be viewed as in relation to the sign placements of Venus:

Venus in Aries: Love can be a battlefield[ word to Pat Benatar!];  where you want to be number one with no question. A feeling of having to “fight ” for the object of your affection. Love is passionate involvement. Love is fiery.

Venus in Taurus: Love is sensuality and comfort. Easy like Sunday morning. Love is stability and is firmly rooted. There’s an art to love. Love is calm and serene.

Venus in Gemini: Love is intellectual exchange. Great conversation. Mind stimulation. Love is flexibility and the ability to roll with duality. Love is witty and flirtatious. Love is youthful. Love is a trip to Barnes & Noble, coffee and crossword puzzles. Love is watching Jeopardy in bed.


Venus in Cancer: Love is warmth and security. Literally “Love is a House”[Word to the Force MD’s!] Love is emotional nurturing and support.  Love is acceptance. Love is a family by blood or worldview. Love is a cozy “nest”away from the madness of the world.

Venus in Leo: Love is a stage. Love is generosity, attention and the radiation of appreciation. Love is dramatic and breathtaking. Love is “play”. Love is enjoyment. Love is creating something.

Venus in Virgo: Love is continuous improvement. Love is pragmatic. Love is tangible; the helping of one another. Love is selective and discriminating.


Venus in Libra: Love is sharing, cooperation and true partnership. Love is social. Love is the enjoyment of mutually stimulating activities. Love is “US”.

Venus in Scorpio: Love is depth. Love is emotional, psychic and physical nudity. Love is all of the cards on the table. Love is knowing each other as fully as possible. Love is secrets just between the two of you. Love is the exploration of taboos.

Venus in Sagittarius: Love is adventure. Love is a trip around the world and a passport stamp. Love is deep philosophical conversation until the wee hours of the morning. Love is mutual learning and growth. Love is freedom. Love is friendship. Love is motivation. Love is life affirming and enthusiastic. Love is laughter. Love is a confidant on the quest for life’s meaning.


Venus in Capricorn: Love is solid; you can take it to the bank. Love endures the test of time. Love is order. There are “rules” to love.Love is commitment. Love is a test. Love is integrity. Love is discipline. Love is maturity and gets better with time.

Venus in Aquarius: Love is experimental. Love is custom made. Love is unconventional. Love is rebellious. Love is humanitarian. Love is questioning societal definitions of love. Love is futuristic. Love is progressive.

Venus in Pisces: Love is boundless. Love is romantic. Love is spiritual. Love is imagination. Love is fantasy. Love is returning to the spiritual source. Love is not easily or clearly defined. Love is universal. Love is unconditional. Love is suffering. Love is transcendence. Love is nirvana. Love is a sea of oceanic tranquility.