Aries Sun, Aquarius Moon: Featuring Rah Digga’s “Angela Davis”


“Radical simply means grasping things at the root.” – Angela Davis

When thinking about this Sun-Moon blend, one of the first things that came to my mind was lyrics to Rah Digga’s track “Angela Davis”, which i feel embodies the spirit of this planetary combo:

” I’m Angela Davis, I ain’t shakin’ my buns…. I’m yellin’ power to the people and wavin’ them guns. I be pumpin’ that fist, I ain’t runnin’ from shit, it ain’t too many of you broads that got the stomach for this.”

At your core, your aspirations are centered around having a strong and immediate impact on the world. The urges which stem from your deepest emotions are those which prompt you to individuate and differentiate.

In order to be truly fulfilled, you have to grasp your uniqueness at the root. According to Angela Davis’ definition, this qualifies you as radical.

For you, the mainstream’s  notions of  “how you’re supposed to be” feel like trappings. In order to locate the ultimate in personal authenticity, certain societal and cultural norms must be shed completely, or at least brought into alignment with your progressively unfolding identity.

“Leader of the resistance, and it’s only for the thick-skinned…”

You aren’t for everyone, and choose to involve yourself in a world which welcomes shocks and shakeups for the greater good. However, it’s important to be able to distinguish between using your gut instincts to fearlessly guide you and taking foolhardy risks which have no end game in mind.

Focus and direction of the revolutionary within is a key concept which you need to master in order to unearth your full potential.

Working in an underdeveloped state, you leap before you look and may find yourself exhibiting knee-jerk responses and doing regular damage control to situations you’ve created due to both your impatience and an insatiable need to view any and all action as progress.

While you may be, as Rah Digga states: “In your all black floatin’ through the matrix”, it’s important to understand that there are times to assert yourself, and also situations where a retreat doesn’t mean you’ve lost, rather it simply illustrates a period of rest where you marshal and concentrate your forces in order to fight another day.

Take a listen:

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