Pisces Sun, Aquarius Moon : “All of Us”

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Within the realm of the Pisces Sun-Aquarius Moon combination, “We are the World” meets “All Power To the People.”  There’s a dynamic, creative streak of progressive humanitarianism available for constructive use.

Becoming a conduit for greater spiritual realities and working in the intangible realms of existence is the key to optimizing your life force.

This can be accomplished through fulfilling your primary need to make a distinct contribution to the welfare of the human family. You may be best served by weaving your niche using the fabric of the futuristic and the avant-garde as a guide.

Potential nourishment comes from the diet of the unconventional as a means to finding your place, or “shore” to swim to in the midst of society.

It’s equally important for you to pursue individuation as well as merge with the collective, and become a “person of the times”.

Confronting and questioning the status quo, pushing the envelope on accepted customs and worldviews can serve you in connecting with your spiritual source.

Problems can emerge when the search for your unique “thumbscrew” operates as blind rebellion. You hop from group to group, movement to movement, masking your dissatisfaction with self and projecting it on others, accusing them of being too “sheepish”.

Operating dysfunctionally, you feel the need to distance yourself with an air of aloof superiority because according to you : YOUR “different” is better than everyone else’s and you’re the only independent thinker in the vicinity.

Without a worthy cause, you become a deluded pseudo-revolutionary whose abrasive demeanor has alienated others, but you still manage to convince yourself that “you didn’t want to be a part of that anyway.”

If you choose to work constructively with these energies to develop a firm sense of identity and nurture your self-confidence, you automatically gain distinction.

There will be no overcompensation needed as actions will illustrate your noteworthy demeanor. Experimentation will then be used effectively as an ally to navigate your personal metamorphosis rather than as an escape hatch from solidity.

Your theme song is “All of Us” by Red Pill

You can listen here:


7 thoughts on “Pisces Sun, Aquarius Moon : “All of Us”

  1. As a young man with Pisces Sun and Aquarius Moon, I gotta say this was spot on! The shadow side was my life during my teenage years and now that I’m coming into my own as an adult, the last two paragraphs are where I’m at now. Love your site!

    1. hey!! thanks so much for visiting the site and i appreciate the comments. also, it’s wonderful to read that you’re exhibiting the more constructive potentials of what this sun/moon blend has to offer.

      1. I agree being this exact sun and moon sign I am an independent thinker. I also have the unconscious habit of somehow being a over analyzer. Being a sparkplug has its positive and negatives. Your description highlighted some of the underlying reasons behind why I tend to question important things others leave at bay and why I crave to grasp more of a in-depth perspective when compared to other signs.

  2. Yes, I agree, but as a moon/sun aquarius/pisces female, am I doomed to be single the rest of my adult life…who/what moon/sun combo do I place my interests in, bcuz I want a partner. I’m 49yo now?

    1. As a moon/sun aquarius/pisces female, what partner or mate combo should I be entertaining for a longterm/marraige ?

      1. DW:
        Hi!Thanks for visiting the blog. Although the Sun/Moon blend are two major parts of our birth chart, one would need a complete analysis of their entire chart to sufficiently answer that question.There are several areas which would figure into the formula to determine one’s relationship needs.

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