Virgo Sun, Virgo Moon : “The Upgrade”

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Your Sun/Moon blend suggests an approach to life emphasizing precision in the name of service.  Your core energy is geared toward  improving and fixing for optimal performance and you’re emotionally fulfilled by the same thing. Whatever you undertake you want to leave things better and working more efficiently than when you found them. Some will accuse you of being “nit picky”, but I say this is how you’re built.

With this Mercury ruled combination, your forte is analysis, the dissection of the parts in order to understand what goes into the operation of the whole. A common question which permeates your existence is “how can it be used?”. This applies to people, items, information and knowledge.  You’re a walking “Law number 33” from the 48 Laws of Power which says “Discover Each Man’s Thumbscrew”.

Generally when Virgo is mentioned, it’s overlooked, and there’s a certain beauty in that. With this energy comes the potential for astounding focus and attention to detail, so when other’s aren’t paying attention you ARE. So, you can also be attuned to the weaknesses of other people.

Operating from a constructive place with this knowledge, you can do what’s in your power to seek a better outcome for all involved. On a dysfunctional note, other’s shortcomings can be used as ammunition for criticism and belittling.

If you find that this is the case, a detailed analysis of oneself may be in order to make sure you’re not judging yourself too severely. With Virgo, an internalized criticism or need for perfection can often push outward, holding others to the exacting standards that one holds themselves to. With this comes anxiety as well as an appearance of the lack of tolerance for other human beings.

To have the patience to view oneself as a “work in progress” may be the best gift that a double Virgo can bestow upon themselves.  With this frame of mind, you can hit your ‘target’ and methodically move along to the next one.

Your theme song is “The Upgrade” by J-Live featuring Oddisee and Posdanous (frm De La Soul) You can listen right here:



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