Astrological Knowledge is an Opportunity


A couple days ago, I was explaining to someone how my Astrological philosophy centered more around the holistic conception of the person, and the birth chart being more of a identifier of human potential as opposed to being a fixed and static entity .

In exploring Astrological symbolism, it’s important to remember that we have choices. We’re NOT our birth chart so to speak. There’s our birth chart and then there’s the reality inside and outside of us.

Hopefully, the Astrology that’s being presented to the public at large will emphasize the vast array of alternatives we have rather than promote the message that we’re hopelessly and inextricably bound to the mercy of a planet.

In my view, learning about the contents of your birth chart is a grand opportunity to accelerate your growth. Some of this may feel good, and some of this won’t.  While I’m inclined toward optimism, I also would like to think that I have a firm grip on reality and the challenges (and sometimes pitfalls) which can be ever present in our lives.

However, despite the problems that we face, we have the chance to work with what we have and make the best we possible can out of the situation.  I think, during tough times, it’s even more important that we remind ourselves of this fact.

Just because we may know all of our placements, our current transits, etc… doesn’t mean that we won’t face strain and strife.  In addition, it needs to be said that some of these periods of trials could last weeks, months or even years.

In this event, our ability to respond is EVERYTHING, and having a solid grip on our charts and the courage to view them through a developmental lens are part of our arsenal for responding in a way which empowers us to sustain ourselves, irrespective of the climate that we happen to be in at that time.

Astrological Knowledge is an opportunity.


9 thoughts on “Astrological Knowledge is an Opportunity

  1. Really liked this. I’ve kind of taken a step back from astrology because I got into it way too much, subconsciously I was defining myself based on certain signs and trying to live up to these signs unknowingly..but I’ve realised that now and I wasn’t looking at the bigger picture..I’m still having a bit of trouble with this though!

    1. Yes, the essential core of our craft is to perceive the whole chart before focusing on parts. That is also the difference between an Astrologer and popular diversions.

  2. Aaran:
    Thanks for visiting the blog and thanks for sharing your experiences. I really appreciate it. I understand how things can get a bit hazy and we need to step back a little to refocus our perceptions. Sometimes when we get too close, our visions become blurred. My hopes are that you return with renewed energy and continue with the valuable contribution that you offer us all. again, thanks for your words.

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