Aries Sun, Virgo Moon : “Bravebird”

You’re a bravebird
Of the rarest kind
You may be one of the walking wounded
But still you fly
You’re a bravebird
You put yourself on the line
When you shared your secret with the world
You saved another mother’s child


Within this solar/lunar arsenal the message is clear: you can’t paralyze yourself by waiting for conditions to be “perfect” before you take action.  Your fuel is self-assertion and plunging yourself into experiences which illicit courage of the highest order. The only question is: will you accept the challenge?

The emotional need of the Virgo Moon is to clear out the cobwebs and eliminate any impediments to taking bold action and making an impact in the world. This includes taking risks which put your “comfort” on the line.

Essentially, to shine as a leader and pioneer you need to be acutely aware of what is and isn’t functioning properly.

With this combination, the head and the gut can work together as mutual informers. To make calculated and measured assessments is wise for you, but not to the point where  you talk yourself out of following through on your plans. It’s important that you realize that life holds no guarantees that your efforts will be justly rewarded or rewarded at all for that matter.

In the face of this knowledge, you have an opportunity to actively participate in life and say that you left it all on the playing field as opposed to being the “armchair quarterback” who critiques the moves and decisions of others , but because of fear, anxiety and a relentless inner critic never allows  her/himself to discover the stuff of which they’re truly made.

Roll the dice.

As an Aries Sun, Virgo Moon, Your theme song is Amel Larrieux’s “Bravebird”.  You can listen here:

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