Virgo Sun, Leo Moon, Cancer Rising

Within the combination of a Virgo Sun, Leo Moon and Cancer rising, the basic energy which stimulates the individual is that which comes with the process of refinement, analysis and self-improvement. Employing the skills of discernment in service of a greater ideal. Making an assessment of how parts may work together to keep themselves and others running more efficiently.
There’s a tendency to put energy towards making everyone and everything better and perfect a part of themselves and offer that as service to humanity. The Virgo Sun’s fuel is used by the Leo Moon to give form to a personality which needs to be appreciated, adored and admired. Someone who’s nourished by being seen as special and unique.  There’s an emotional need to have the core identity validated.In order  for this person to be truly fulfilled, The expression of creative talents must be an extension of this identity.


The world is seen through the filtering of the Cancer Ascendant: the sensitive, poetic and self-protective eyes of a nurturer.

This placement suggests a highly intuitive nature which is easily able to tap into emotional undercurrents and size up the general “vibe” of situations without a staunch and logic analysis.

Cancer rising is also capable of offering the purest form of warmth, feeling connection and listening response . However, it’s extremely vital to distinguish your feelings from those of others which whom you come into contact.

Dysfunction can occur when there’s an almost obsessive drive to meet the  emotional needs of others used solely as an escape from acknowledging the depth of your own.

Photo by Diddy Nadhiri from Pexels


4 thoughts on “Virgo Sun, Leo Moon, Cancer Rising

    1. I only started incorporating the rising signs recently in my profiles. I’m still uncertain to what degree or how often I’m going to include them yet, but they seem to be relatively well received at this point, So I’m giving serious thought to using them more. Thanks for visiting the blog. I really appreciate it.

  1. Wow. Clearly, I was supposed to see this – I just randomly stumbled on your site & was looking for Virgo Sun, Leo Moon when I saw this. THIS IS ME! I’ve never seen anyone post about this combo before. Thank you. Thank you, THANK YOU!

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