What Type of Fuel Does Your Sun Sign Require?


When considering Sun signs, it’s important to keep in mind that each one needs a specific type of fuel to operate at its best; to realize its potential.  When we digest the appropriate fuel, vitality infuses our life force and we’re on our way to optimal expression of an important dimension of ourselves. Here are some ideas about the stimulus for each of the signs:

Aries: Being number one. Making an impact or your “mark”. Ramming ahead through obstacles. Involving oneself in situations which require and cultivate independence, courage and resolve. Warrior energy. Engaging in competition both internally and externally.

Taurus: Development of the senses. Enjoyment of the physical vehicle (the body). Building material resources. Finding and maintaining a pattern of stability (“if it ain’t broke”). Doing the best you can with what you have.

Gemini: Diversification of thought energy. Intellectual adaptability. Experiences which allow one to confront ,navigate and integrate life’s dualities. Sharing of ideas. Situations which call for cleverness and a breezy, youthful perspective.

Cancer: Emotional and domestic security. Warmth, closeness and belonging. A feeling of biological or ideological family. Connecting intuitively. Reflecting. Nurturing and nourishing. Being a hearth of support.

Leo; Acknowledgement, validation, attracting attention. The affirming of one’s specialness and irreplaceability. The distribution of personal warmth and light.

Virgo: Right and exactness. Precision. Analytical discrimination, i.e. distinguishing the trivial and the superfluous from what’s useful. Helping physical and intellectual systems to run efficiently via the disassembling of parts. “Tweaking”.

Libra: Harmony. Cooperation. Balancing of internal and societal acceptance. To be regarded as an objective , kind and humane individual. Team play. Collaboration. The exploration of opposing thoughts/arguments. Interest in how the other half lives.

Scorpio: To plumb the depths of what appears to be “dark” or unacceptable in search of a more profound spiritual light. Rising to the heights of personal awareness through crisis. Experiencing emotional and psychic honesty and vulnerability as healing.

Sagittarius; Spiritual, intellectual and physical travel. Free-flying and unrestricted truth seeking. Using the eclectic approach to derive meaning from life’s experiences. Synthesis of vast systems of universal thought in service of advancing knowledge.

Capricorn: Self -mastery through strategy and organization. Plan your work and work your plan. Time management. Personal responsibility and accountability. Integrity. Administrative drive geared toward producing tangible, real world results which lead to public status and recognition. The role model.

Aquarius: Human progress and the constancy of change. Analysis of social customs and conventions. Questioning the ordinary and commonplace. Scrutinizing the concept of “normalcy”. Walking the path of liberation from conceptual incarceration.

Pisces: Transcendence to a higher state of spiritual being. Returning to and merging with the divine inner source. Experiencing the whole , and the innerconnectedness of life, as being greater than the sum of its parts. I am because we are. Participation in the intangible realms of existence. The surrender of ego and its limitations for a collective cause.

Photo by Johannes Rapprich from Pexels

7 thoughts on “What Type of Fuel Does Your Sun Sign Require?

  1. Reblogged this on An Upturned Soul and commented:
    I absolutely love this post!!! If like me you use astrology as a means to open a dialogue with yourself and the different parts of self… remember we all have all the signs in our natal chart, and so we may be a particular Sun sign, but where are all the other planets and how do they interact? Even the signs which have no planets play a part in our lives as shown by the houses… that was long-winded of me, that’s my Mercury in Aquarius doing its thing of tangential connectivity. Or is that my Neptune in the 3rd house of the mind…

    Anyway, what was I doing, saying….

    I’m a Capricorn Sun. I hate admitting that because Capricorn is the favourite baddie of the Zodiac. Sometimes I agree with that, when someone annoys me, chances are they’re a Capricorn. I annoy me too in the same way! It’s an attitude thing… however on the plus side, exactly what Sagmind said! I am very focused on being personally responsible and accountable, this has changed my life… for the better I think!?!

    This is a brilliant post from a very brilliant astrologer and human! Check him and his blog out! Seriously do it!!! (stop being so bossy Capricorn!)

  2. hey hey!! thank you so much for your comments, and you’re so on point about the dialogue. what we’re really dealing with are sub-personalities. some of the needs reinforce one another, while others conflict. it’s only through talking to each one of them that we can figure out how to prioritize those needs. Even *THAT* varies based on the particular situation. The important thing is that we allow every part of us its room for expression. I really, really appreciate your words and it’s people like you who inspire my writing. have a good one!!!


  3. This is fantastic. I love how what you’ve outlined here can be applied to any part of the chart, or to any placement. A person with any planet or angle in the signs can apply these as compass points for what is generally needed as “fuel”. Keep up the great work.

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