Capricorn Sun, Sagittarius Moon


By seeking emotional fulfillment through a commitment to maintaining a definite set of ethical ideals, you can realize aspirations which include a steady, surefooted ascension to prominence in virtually any area of life you choose to master. This occurs when your passion for truth fuels you to turn over every rock, research relentlessly and maintain your independence of thought.

By employing a grounded sense of detachment, you’re able to explore life in a way that’s uniquely your own. Asking large questions and tailoring your understanding to gain a larger conception of the universe.  In the best case scenario, you’re not content with the views or conclusions of others. Experience is your best teacher and you want to go beyond what’s already been ascertained.

While your heart longs to elevate through spiritual striving, your ultimate goal is to build something which has the potential to cement your legacy. You’re here to put structures in place which will live on as a testament to your life philosophy.

A resolute dedication to integrity is a vital component to your life’s path. Ideally, your sense of duty reflects a person that makes it virtually impossible to make distinctions between your intentions and actions. Your natural inclination is to exhibit a “cautious optimism”, and this can work for you because you do your best work when you feel as if your feet are firmly planted in reality.

Patience is a key virtue which requires development, as it’s important to remain steadfast and resist self doubt if the physical manifestation doesn’t currently match your mental conceptions.

Your endurance is suited for the long haul. Both your solidity and deep sense of faith can play an important role in navigating the world of pain. Ultimately, you’re able to synthesize the tension of discomfort with productive life lessons.

Photo by Terrillo Walls from Pexels


4 thoughts on “Capricorn Sun, Sagittarius Moon

  1. Hello Sagittarian Mind Consulting! So well words on a very complex subject – sun and moon combinations are very challenging because extra contra intro world is touched here! I consider these two signs so important in personal charts! I am really impressed about how you found the right words to this special combination, which I know best
    … Love and light Sabine

      1. It is a pleasure and I am thankful to have found your blog!!! It is my phase of awakening spirit and I enjoy every second of it – supports and good vibes are welcome on my spiritual path! Love and light

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