Notes on An Astrologer’s Integrity


Similar to a previous article, I want to choose my words carefully as not to come across abrasive.

In an earlier piece, I wrote about how people contact Astrologers with their ENTIRE chart and expect elaborate information without compensation.

There’s another side to this coin, and it deals with the advertising and promoting of services, on the Astrologer’s side, that they aren’t capable of delivering.

That, in my opinion, is just as egregious as what I mentioned in the previous article, concerning people not respecting the time, energy and labor of Astrologers.

Please understand that in many people’s eyes the reputation of Astrology is shaky at best, and it doesn’t make things any better when one hangs up the banner of Astrologer in two or three week’s time without sufficient study and recognition of the responsibility they have to their clients, and the public at large to deliver solid information.

The work of an Astrologer is not a “hustle”, a quick “in” or a parlor game.

If you really want to learn Astrology, there are many outlets which will give you the opportunity to do so, but this is a gentle reminder to avoid misleading others with a bunch of googled information that they can easily access themselves and labeling it as a reading or a consultation.

We’re not living in the most stable economy and many people have made a decision to trust Astrologers and part with their hard earned money. They expect honesty and integrity from us if nothing else.

There’s nothing wrong with recognizing that we’re not qualified to answer certain questions from people. In fact, it’s a major step in our growth if we have any serious Astrological aspirations whatsoever.

People contact me often about things that I just can’t sufficiently answer and I have to recognize the limits of and gaps in my knowledge. If I know of another Astrologer who can answer the question more effectively, I refer that individual to them.

I’m not here to say who’s qualified to be an Astrologer and who’s not. That’s not my lane. However, I will say : if you get all of your information from Tumblr, googling, etc… and haven’t picked up one quality Astrology book in your life, or wouldn’t know one if it dropped squarely on your head, you may want to do some serious thinking about your sources of information and the responsibility you feel like you have toward its distribution.

When someone comes to you with pressing, real-life issues that are important to them, asking for your expert guidance, PAYS YOU, and you cut and paste from the internet- How do you think that makes someone feel?

If you’re doing this, please understand that you’re not only ruining your OWN reputation, but you’re also sullying Astrology as a whole. Again, if you want to be an Astrologer – BE THAT. Take some classes, find a mentor, etc… but stop doing what you’re doing for your own good as well as that of Astrology.

And, If you happen to be one of the grossly misinformed and under the illusion that “anyone” can be an Astrologer and all you need to know is a little something about the signs, etc…. and, think it’s a quick hustle, etc… you’re dead wrong and you probably should never become an Astrologer anyway.

If you’re unwilling to put in the necessary hours of study and work, and simply wish to entertain using the signs as various memes, please honestly admit that to yourself and others. There’s absolutely NO PROBLEM with that.

However, please don’t misrepresent yourself because it affects us ALL in one way or another and at some point and time.

Ultimately, what we want to do as astrology professionals, is provide solid and helpful information that people can implement into their lives, and we have to take the responsibility that’s given to us seriously and live up to that obligation to the best of our ability.

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4 thoughts on “Notes on An Astrologer’s Integrity

  1. Hello!

    Thank you so much for your emails. I’m interested in working with you to learn how to apply astrology to coaching and personal development. Do you have programs around this? Thank you!


    Renita Garrett


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