12 Houses, Many Questions

I’m definitely from the school of thought that says : when used as a tool for self-knowledge and development, good astrology is designed to elicit more questions. The specific ones that I’ve outlined here are connected to the 12 houses, which are areas of life development or fields of experience. The houses indicate where we grow. These questions are food for thought as to how we may navigate the terrain of these different areas on the way to becoming our most effective self.

1st House: Who am I at my most authentic?  How do I become my true self? What is my identity comprised of?

2nd House: What are my resources? What do I value? What’s the most effective manner to use what I have?

3rd House: What’s my mentality? How do I think? How can I put my mind to good use? What’s the most effective method of learning for me? How do I fit into my  immediate environment? What can I learn from my every day relationships.

4th House: What provides me with my deepest feeling of internal security? What comforts me? How do I fit into a biological and ideological family structure?

5th House: What’s unique about my self expression? In what manner do I need to approach risk? How do I enjoy my sexual experiences? What am I like when I feel my most creative? What entertains me? What do I do purely for the sake of fun?

6th House: What skill (s) can I master? What can I perfect within myself?  In what manner can I be of service to the world? How can I be useful? What’s my attitude toward my body/health?

7th House: How do I relate to others on a one to one basis?  What’s the tone of my public interactions?  What do I require in an intimate relationship?

8th House: What’s the most effective way to approach and deal with the resources of others? What form of currency is being exchanged?  in what ways to I experience crisis, pain, fear and anxiety? What am I seeking to kill within myself, so i can be a greater person?

9th House: What’s my worldview? Do I wish to expand the way I see my life? If so, in what ways? What do I believe? What’s my definition of spirituality?  How do I gain knowledge and wisdom from experience? What am I seeking?

10th House: What’s my true calling? How do I want to be seen/known by the world? What do I want to be remembered as? What type of parent am I? What type of Parent do I want to become?

11th House: How do I need to be loved? What cultural assumptions do I wish to challenge? How do I wish to advance humanity and contribute to its collective improvement? How do I wish to reform or revolutionize society? What’s my idea of progress? Who am I outside of my group affiliations?

12th house:  What are my hidden strengths/resources? What do I need to let go? What am I capable of transcending? What do I hide from myself? Where’s my inner sanctuary?

4 thoughts on “12 Houses, Many Questions

    1. As I continue to study the parts of astrology, I think that these are GREAT primer questions. Combined with planets, signs, and aspects, these questions can help me clarify what I want and need to move forward in my life.

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