Libra Sun, Cancer Moon


Immense potentials for harnessing the light of social intelligence and a balanced personal identity can be realized through the acknowledgement, acceptance , and honoring of  one’s capacity for depth of emotional involvement and it’s expression.

Through recognition of your astounding capabilities in the area of intuitive understanding, you can become a shining example of someone who’s adept at all facets of interpersonal relations.

Gaining equilibrium is your lifetime homework, as it’s not wise to become overly immersed in the whirlwind of “greasing palms” and “social butterflyism” without substance.

It can prove to be equally harmful to allow yourself to become weighed down by emotional quandaries.

This blend suggests aesthetic awareness coupled with colorful imaginative faculties which can produce refined works of art- whether you view your life as one , or your aspirations are to manifest “brick and mortar.”

You’ll always want to remain cognizant of the dangers of operating under two extremes: (1) ignoring feelings for the sake of gaining social approval and recognition. (2) “Drowning” yourself  via your capacity to meet the unspoken needs of others- but only as a “hook” to keep them socially and emotionally attached.

In this case, “niceness” and caring can easily play out as a passive-aggressive dynamic which is far from representing  the highest embodiment of your capabilities.

Optimally, you’re someone who’s able to respond to others not only socially and intellectually, but also on a heart-centered level. You can be there for the fun and champagne popping as well as the Kleenex laden crying sessions that last all night. All of this while carving out the space you need to process your own emotional dynamics.

Your highest potential is to become the epitome of a fully functioning human being.

Photo by from Pexels


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