Virgo Sun, Cancer Moon, Sagittarius Rising


Your willingness and ability to form emotional connections with the world and the people in it opens doors for you to be of service through refining the processes of living.

By forming a solid core, which is free from both unnecessary self-criticism and unfounded judgment of others , you clear space for yourself to approach life boldly through deep inquiry and broad exploration.

Your life is meant to serve as a quest for meaning. A thought- provoking examination of belief systems via the tools of  telescopic lenses and microscopic analysis allows you to understand your own reasoning for embarking on the life journeys that you select. With this Astrological signature, the importance of fostering an intimate relationship with oneself can’t be stressed enough.  By keeping in tune with the pulse of your own heart and all of its fluctuations, it allows you to understand the richness and range of emotion, speak its language fluently, and  offer the specific help and healing that others need.

It bears consideration that one of your strengths may be to create bridges of trust with other people. By suggesting improvements in a caring and gentle manner and opening ears and hearts through a nonjudgmental listening response, you can set the tone to unveil wider possibilities for those who cross your path.

The vehicle through which you navigate the world is of the adjustable variety. That allows you the opportunity to share in discovery with others and meet them at their level of understanding, which in itself, is comforting.  Broad perception with discriminating lenses and a big heart are your perpetual handmaidens.

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3 thoughts on “Virgo Sun, Cancer Moon, Sagittarius Rising

  1. Your articles are always a favorite of mine to read and share with those who come to me to learn about their charts. I love your style and humble nature.
    I’d love to read Scorpio Sun, Aries Moon, Libra rising! 💫

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