The Aries-Taurus Relationship

Image result for happy black couple

For a couple with a significant number of placements in Aries and Taurus, the themes which permeate the relationship will be centered around finishing what’s started, pace and making dynamic inspiration visible in a concrete way.

The questions about this union become related to one person’s need for continuous action and the other possibly associating too much activity as “rocking the boat”. While the Aries archetype suggests new beginnings, the propensity for risk taking and independence, Taurus’ style is firmly grounded in the here and now and prefers building “brick by brick”.

In the best case scenario, Aries teaches Taurus that to live fully takes the courage to leave one’s comfort zone, and mistakes are merely lessons. In turn, Taurus shows the ram that steadiness and “staying the course” with one’s intentions can add more power to their ability to turn one’s passions into material gain.

At worst, one person is always slowing the other down and viewed as a “wet blanket” because there’s a relationship which lacks adventure, or there’s constant criticism from one partner of the variety which says : ” you never look before you leap”. So, the bull’s and the ram’s horns are inextricably locked.


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