Gemini Sun, Leo Moon


You can call me anything you want, except boring or ordinary.”

– Some Gemini Sun with a Leo Moon

With this Solar/Lunar blend, you should be counting all of the ways which reveal your versatility as a human being. There’s a pride factor attached to the potential to “wear many hats” and be what the moment requires. In order to extract the maximum potential from this combination, a “celebration of self” is an emotional necessity.

Depending on the circumstances, your “party” could be comprised of overt attention seeking antics or a glowing inner confidence which is nurtured through genuine appreciation of all that’s unique about you. Accessing the light of deep creativity within your heart can undoubtedly serve you as a portal which allows you to express you adaptability to a myriad of lifestyles, people and situations.

Cultivating such abilities can have far-reaching implications for playing in the big leagues when it comes to putting passion and promotion behind ideas and concepts designed to further the growth of humanity at large.

Just for the record, what you’re NOT on earth for is to be a one dimensional drone that’s a slave to routine. Someone with this celestial ID is meant to defy the stiff packaging which permeates rigid categorization WITH CONFIDENCE. The light, airy breeze of the Gemini Sun is fanned by the fiery flames of the Leo Moon, granting you the birthright to star in what is supposed to be a masterfully crafted motion picture known as YOUR LIFE.

The charismatic presence which you need to nurture is meant to emit in several different directions and adjusted as needed.  However, here’s one important thing to remember:  Too much “flitting” can weaken your vitality and can also suggest an aversion to staying the course which will help you grow.

After all, life isn’t all fun and games. To approach life with a child’s mind and heart can awaken you to countless possibilities, but your disorder and self-undoing comes from claiming “boredom” (which is a word and concept which should forever be eliminated from your vocabulary).  Please don’t delude yourself into thinking that you’re moving on to “greener pastures” because you’ve allowed yourself to be seduced into chasing what you think is the next best thing.

Your potential strengths include a colossal heart coupled with a youthfully exuberant mind which is ripe with agility and curiosity. Without a doubt, your intellect can assist you in examining and truly understanding you motivations for doing things.

Are you charting your course based on the presumption of praise or approval? Are you managing situations to the degree in which you can ONLY be seen in your best light?

To live fully is to throw your heart into your endeavors and risk making mistakes and even possibly appearing foolish. Your roar needs to be authentic and can’t be technically measured.

Photo by from Pexels

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