Capricorn Sun, Cancer Moon, Scorpio Rising


The fuel which motivates you is centered around recognition for being a model for strength and self-containment. Nothing would serve you better than to have your thoughts, words and deeds to align – giving life to you as a whole person.  Serving as a model for integrity illuminates your life force, and your truly able to shine when you feel you’ve gained emotional and domestic security.

To be able to form intimate bonds with others and exercise your innate talents for listening response and unconditional acceptance feeds your soul because you filter your experiences as someone who wants to dig deep in life and see everything from the sacred to the profane. Skating on the surface doesn’t appeal to you. However, emotional nakedness and crisis do. In a pinch, you’re the one who can be counted on to be a guide through tumultuous terrain.

To realize the importance of self-revelation is part of your life’s work. Although you have the potential to be a rock for others to lean on, you also require  a rather large outlet for your feelings. You can master “inflow” and “outflow” if you’re patient with yourself and understand the necessity of solitude as a tool for the recharging of your battery.

Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels

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