Libra Sun, Capricorn Moon


The blend of social harmony and purposeful, ambitious undertakings.

To be viewed by society as a “good” person,i.e. someone who is generally fair, kind and humane is what fuels your life force. You want to be well-liked and structure communication with others on the basis of building bridges of understanding rather than raising points of contention.

What makes you feel alive is knowing that you’re continually refining the art of human interaction and you improve upon this through a sincere interest in people. Being in your presence makes others feel understood and listened to.

Life structure is one of your primary emotional needs. You need to know that no matter what you’re “going somewhere”. An organized plan of action and personal development has the potential to nourish your desire to achieve in a tangible way. Having something to show for your discipline and efforts is a must.

What needs to be understood is that in the midst of life  “business”, everyone may not walk away from the table happy. You will find yourself in situations where practical decisions may have to trump social relationships.

Your cordiality and diplomacy is in no way designed to offset your need to deal with the bottom line or bare bones of a situation. In fact, it’s purpose is to smooth out what may otherwise be rough terrain when you’re the bearer of unpleasant news.

On the flip side, with your potential to lead and manage you’re being called to display a “personal impersonality”. Never losing the human touch, yet distancing yourself enough as to not allow relationships to hold you hostage.

You are being challenged to remain resolute in your decision making. Holding fast to your logic and integrity while avoiding the traps of flailing in the whirlwind of the social approval scale. Often, you may feel like you have to decide between being true to your principles or being “liked”.

Remember that those who are genuine will respect your firmness and you only had the illusory approval of people who would want to revoke it because of decisions they happen to disagree with.

Photo by Christina Morillo from Pexels


5 thoughts on “Libra Sun, Capricorn Moon

  1. I’m really enjoying your blog a lot! Not to rush you, but I have a Libra Sun, Pisces Moon and I haven’t seen that combination yet. Also, will you be adding rising signs? I really appreciate the amount of thoughtfulness you clearly have when writing about astrology and incorporating hip hop – this blog has me like a kid in a candy store! Thanks in advance…

    1. hey hey!! thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words. also, i sincerely appreciate you visiting the blog… yes… i’m definitely a hip-hop head, so it really came natural for me to incorporate it into astrology whenever possible. As for your sun-moon blend… I’m on it!! lol! “not to rush you” sounds JUST like a libra sun, pisces moon phrase…lol!! thank you again for stopping by and you will see your combo sooner rather than later.

      1. Ahh, you responded! And reading me like a book. Haha So grateful to you and I have been spreading the word far and wide about the blog! Thanks so much and looking forward to your future insights. Until later.

  2. I’m libra sun/Capricorn moon. I’m turning 29, at that age where I’m beginning to not consider my Scorpio ascendant as integral to my personality. (I keep it mainly as a way how others will see me and react.) I’m social, but I use my hardworking and business mindset to combine with those social tendencies to learn how to network and build social, professional, academic, and other non-personal forms of relationships. I can appear indecisive and even more so because I am trying to remain rational and work out my decisions. Where others see opposing or conducting forces, I see complimenting or a challenge that I can work and bring together.

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