Foreign Films : An Expanding List

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I love foreign films and find them to be of immense value.

If one has the desire to explore this realm, it can definitely serve as one of the many gateways into the expansion of consciousness and appreciation for the diversity of worldviews.

I’ve created a list of films which may activate your interest. While not exhaustive, it hopefully gives life to the part of us yearning to embark on adventures in unfamiliar territory. These films are listed in no particular order:

(1)  Run Lola Run (Germany)

(2)  Lila Says (France)

(3) The Man Who Copied (Brazil)

(4) Amelie (France)

(5) Paris (France)

(6) 5 x 2 (France)

(7) Yeelen (Mali)

(8) Xala (Senegal)

(9)The Idiots (Denmark)

(10) Goodbye, Lenin ( Germany)

(11) City of God (Brazil)

(12) The Battle of Algiers (France)

(13) The Lives of Others (Germany)


(14) Let The Right One In (Sweden)

(15) The Secret in Their Eyes (Argentina)

(16) Lovers of The Arctic Circle (Spain)

(17) Eat, Drink, Man Woman (Taiwan)

(18) Lumumba (France, Belgium, Haiti, Germany)

(19) The Taste of Others (France)

(20) The Sea Inside (Spain)

(21) Tsotsi (South Africa)

(22) After The Wedding (Denmark)

(23) Yaaba (Burkina Faso)


(24) Maria Full of Grace (Colombia)

(25) 4 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days (Romania)

(26) Cache (France)

(27) In The Mood For Love (Hong Kong)

(28) The Diving Bell & The Butterfly (France)

(29) Talk To Her (Spain)

(30) Devdas (India)

(31) Blue (Poland)

(32) Women on The Verge of a Nervous Breakdown (Spain)

(33) Live Flesh (Spain)


(34) La Mujer De Me Hermano (Mexico)

(35) The Motorcycle Diaries (Spain)

(36) Lust, Caution (China)

(37) Paradise Now (Israel)

(38) Amores Perros (Mexico)

(39) Broken Embraces (Spain)

(40) Bad Education (Spain)

(41) Touki Bouki (Senegal)

(42) Y Tu Mama Tambien (Mexico)


(43) My Best Friend (France)

(44) The Hop (Belgium)

(45) The Past (France)

(46) In The House (France)

(47) Volver (Spain)

(48) All About My Mother (Spain)

(49) Sex and Lucia (Spain)

(50) Russian Dolls (French, British)

(51) The Spanish Apartment (French, Spanish)

(52) Masai: The Rain Warriors (France, Kenya)

(53) Blue Is the Warmest Colour (France)

(54) Yi Yi (Taiwan, Japan)

(55) Love Me If You Dare (France)

(56) Life Is Beautiful (Italy)

(57) Keita, The Heritage of The Griot (Burkina Faso)

(58) Amour (Austria)

(59) Mestizo (Venezuela)

(60) The Tracker (Australia)

(61) Sia, The Myth of The Python (Burkina Faso, France)

(62) Kirikou and The Sorceress (France)

(63) The Edukators (Germany, Austria)

(64) Otomo (Germany)

(65) Four Lovers (France)


4 thoughts on “Foreign Films : An Expanding List

  1. Wow! Talk about ‘Synchronicity’ I signed on and your post (this one) was the first one I see. I was heading on over to the Film Noir hang out…lol June 1 starts a new free online course (elsewhere online) to learn all about Fil Noir, which I believe has roots in Germany or France. I love the really older and foreign films — you see the world differently — I do. Anyway, If you or anyone’s interested it’s on a site called and TCM is the one hosting the free Film Noir course. Btw…lots of free courses over at the site.

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