Venus in Sagittarius


First of all, let’s get one thing straight: Venus in Sagittarius doesn’t “make you act” any certain way, per se. There are no planetary rays beaming down on you, or no cosmic strings controlling your behavior. This planetary placement speaks to your relational needs, what you value, what you find attractive and what brings you enjoyment.

With this placement, mutual growth, honesty and independence is of paramount importance. You require the type of relationship where each partner isn’t threatened by the expansion of the other’s world.  The space required to do your own personal growth work is essential.

By no means is this a license to do hurtful things in the name of exercising one’s freedom, but rather a call to share your ever broadening perspective with a person that you love and share space with. One of the highest manifestations of Venus in Sagittarius is to engage in straightforward, uninhibited and ethical relating.

To serve as each other’s “tour guide” for the adventure of living is one of the ways that you can honor this placement and utilize it successfully.

Photo by Yuri Catalano from Pexels

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