My Take on Astrology : “Speak To The People”

Turquoise Purple Circle

When I write about Astrology, there are certain days when my desire is to be intricately technical and spell out the details of how certain placements and configurations may operate in the real world. NOW is NOT one of those times, and TODAY is not one of those days.

Today, I would much rather write about Astrology from a broad point of view. One which attempts to include, rather than exclude people. If there’s one thing that I’ve realized during my astrological career, it’s that people solicit our services because they seek insight on the challenges that they’re dealing with and they want that conveyed to them without a lot of pomp and circumstance or excessive jargon.

One of the practices that’s helped me immensely in life and career matters is a periodic re-focusing and re-dedicating to my vision. It’s the perfect day for me to reaffirm my commitment to providing meaningful Astrology to people without the bullshit that attempts to create some type of grand hierarchy or division between the Astrologer and the general public.

All of you out there who are reading this right now need to know that you’re capable of using the basics Astrology to affect constructive change in your own lives. I primarily consider myself to be a stimulus for thought who’s capable of asking questions which are needed to possibly open up another door for your inquiring minds.

Much of my writing are commentaries designed to stimulate thought and encourage you to do more extensive research on how particular placements may operate in your own lives. For me, the Counseling aspect looms just as largely as the actual Astrology. I want you to be able to take all of this information, along with the understanding that YOU bring to it, and assist you in making it REAL in your own lives.

When we speak about birth chart “potentials”, the reality is that they’re only so valuable as you being in the situation to capitalize on them.  Labeling you a “genius”, “sex goddess or god”, “ultra-intuitive” etc. can only really help you if you can actually channel that potential into something meaningful.

While some people have the luxury of having “better ” land or richer soil to assist in the growth and flourishing of their lives, there’s really nothing for us to get upset about.

There’s nothing wrong with giving ourselves a good once over and taking the realistic approach as to what our main ingredients are, as well as the quality of the “soil” that we’re currently planted in. Of course this may change over time, but it’s important that we consistently understand the raw materials which we’re dealing with.

While they have their own unique qualities, silver doesn’t pretend to be gold and a horse doesn’t pretend to be an elephant. We MUST make the best use out of what WE have and avoid becoming disgruntled because we feel that someone possesses something else that is rightfully ours. Once we determine to get on with the business of living in a “straight, no chaser”manner, the more we reclaim our time and can concentrate on distributing it for more profitable adventures.

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