Gemini Sun, Aries Moon


Mental dexterity and emotional bravery.

Your Sun/Moon combination is summoning you for full participation and exploration in the intellectual and emotional realms of life. Are you up for the challenge?

There is little room for the type of life where you run from your thoughts and your feelings.

You’re not just meant to leave a mark, but rather an unrepeatable imprint,  for your own sake,  and for others to follow.

If you don’t quite “feel” like this, it’s encouraged that you develop the courage and the confidence to do so. One of your callings and challenges in life is to pursue your desires without guilt, or fear of being labeled selfish by others, navigating through life with agility and refusing to back down from anything which doesn’t embody a representation of your truest, most authentic self.

Creative power is generated from the lightning quick grasping of concepts, the absorbing of information and the dissemination of ideas with “heart” and passion. It’s essential that you have conviction about that which you’re speaking in order for this potential to be maximized.

This solar/lunar combination suggests the infusion of a youthful, fresh approach in whatever it is you’re doing along with the ultimate need to be number one in your own heart and life. If you choose to harness your bravery, a.k.a “fight the good fight”, understand that this is an investment in SELF, which for you, is one of the best kind because you NEED a REASON or CAUSE to champion, and why not the individual that you LOVE more than anything or anybody in this world?

With such an attitude, a myriad of winning scenarios are on the table. If you take the route of doubting yourself (especially your intellectual capacity) or using words as a weapon to inflict injury on others, you could no doubt wind up the biggest loser in the scenario that is your existence.



8 thoughts on “Gemini Sun, Aries Moon

  1. This is sensational, and so spot on. You’ve captured our internal struggle and, given voice to the challenge that will determine how well we’ve used the gifts that God/The Abundant Universe has bestowed upon us. Brilliant. Bravo!

  2. This is great. As a woman being Gemini with Aries moon can be very hard. We are so headstrong and plunge into any new challenge. I see fellow gem/Aries Angelina Jolie as the symbol of our full on energy. Our words can so easily become weapons and as I have gotten older I have learnt the power of contained speech.

  3. Nice content. It’s written in a dynamic way and is pretty specific. I enjoy what you did with the moon in aries and the doubling of the gemini. I guess I need to revisit the power of the moon and spend less time with internal critism.

    Great read.

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