Pisces Sun, Gemini Moon


Your Sun/Moon blend suggests that you feel most alive when immersing yourself in activities and environments which connect you to the whole of life.  Merging with spirit is what fuels you. Dissolving the barriers which keep humans separated  is an integral part of your life’s purpose and mission.

You can embark upon this journey by taking strides to satiate your natural sense of curiosity and making your life as interesting as possible. In this way, you’re able to fulfill your emotional need for diversity of experience and a multi-faceted existence.

A youthful sense of wonder can sustain your heart and the potential is there to skillfully ride the ebb and flow of life, adjusting to it’s changing circumstances. However, at some point, you’ll have to deal with the question:

“Where is my center?”

Photo by nappy from Pexels

6 thoughts on “Pisces Sun, Gemini Moon

  1. Beautifully stated. I live with one. As a Virgo who hadn’t had great experiences with Pisces or Gemini types my Pisces Sun/Gemini Moon has brought an understanding that more variety than I’d normally be comfortable with doesn’t have to be threatening to my Cancer Moon and a greater appreciation for the value of being able to reside “in the clouds” until focusing in on the details is needed. He’s an interesting mix of “all seeing” and both/and that I admire sometimes and want to strangle others.

    1. Thank you for the comments, Cheryl and I appreciate you visiting the blog. As a fellow Cancer Moon, I feel you on that, and I’m learning similar lessons. I think when we’re able to emerge from our comfort zones as an unfolding, versus being “yanked” out of them, it can make all the difference in the world. It’s always nice to see you.

  2. Oh, as a pisces gemini i would have preferred if there was a little more information and guidence to read about my own sun moon pairing . I appreciate what I got, but I wish for more, do you know where I can read into it deeper? Thank you so much in advance!

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