Viewing The Sun Sign as a Process

Sun Orange Circle

“Unless you have prepared yourself to profit by your chance, the opportunity will only make you ridiculous. A great occasion is valuable to you just in proportion as you have educated yourself to make use of it.”
-Orison Swett Marden

The Sun.

It’s very difficult to mention the physical entity itself without discussing light or warmth. When bright and blazing, it’s impossible to ignore. Ironically, when absent the sentiments remain the same.

Astrologically speaking, the Sun symbolizes our life-force, purpose and vitality. For the average person, their first contact with astrology centers around sun-sign horoscopes printed in the newspaper or a magazine. To clarify, when another person asks you “what’s your sign?” they’re speaking of your Sun sign.

One of the common threads that I’ve noticed in a lot of astrological writing  is that of solely assigning  a set of attributes or personality characteristic to the sun sign without eluding to the process of the sun’s realization. 

You were born on December 2nd: Bam! You’re a Sagittarius. Automatically, you’re expansive, optimistic, philosophical a born teacher and traveler, etc… There’s no mention that Sagittarius is a process of growth and we must consciously develop our sun signs. In fact, there are many people who don’t necessarily identify with their suns, and the lack of a suitable explanation about the sun as potential could definitely qualify as a reason.

Our original birth chart doesn’t change. It’s symbolic of a cosmic snapshot of the positioning of the planets at the time of our birth.

However, as human beings, we have the free will to make choices which will aid in our progression and the realization of the potential as indicated by our sun sign. Or, the possible hindrance of capitalizing on our birth chart as a grand opportunity. We are not static, finished products. Therefore, we are always in the process of becoming a Virgo, Libra or Scorpio.

A couple of additional questions that stem from this discussion are: at what level are we living our sun signs? Also, what level do we desire to be living them?

In our natal charts, the Sun serves as our central operations system. It’s our core. If the chart represents our celestial government, the sun is the president. No matter what other features are contained in our birth maps, its synthesized expression manifests through the sun.

For every sign, there are a different set of experiences and developmental strategies which must be consciously implemented if we’re going to become the most developed version of what our sun signs represent.

To illustrate how the Sun is supposed to operate in one’s chart I’ve instituted some theme music by hip hop artist Dynasty. Please reflect and enjoy this track called “The Sun”


Astrological Aspects To The Sun

Sun Orange Circle

Sun- Moon : Illumination/importance of one’s racial and ancestral heritage. The power of the Ancestors. Mother & father. Anima & Animus. Race pride. Creative nurturing. Synthesis of the Masculine and Feminine archetypes. The creative Feminine. The sensitive Masculine.

Sun-Mercury: Creative communication. Communication intertwined with one’s identity or creative expression. The famous writer. A powerful orator. In hip-hop: the boastful emcee. One who puts his/her whole bring into speeches.

Sun- Venus : The beautiful ones. The importance of graceful expression. The Artist personified. One who gains energy through aesthetic appreciation. The bridge-builder. A born diplomat. The embodiment of Oshun. The archetypal musician.

Sun-Mars : Warriorhood personified. The application of will is essential to one’s personal/creative expression. The Masculine center of energy. “Oozing” raw sexual energy in an over manner. Hair-trigger temper. Visible and illuminated aggression. Righteous rage.

Sun-Jupiter: A teacher, scholar and philosopher seeking expression. The generous, grandiose self. Vastly bloated and full of pomposity. Thinks “God” is on his/her side. The “Professor at Large” (Shout out to Extra P!) “Bible Beater”. Dogmatically claiming the one and only path to righteousness. Moral Superiority complex. One with Big Ideas. Mega-Live. Reverend Do-Good (Shout out to De La Soul). Justice seeker. Believes in the power of positive thinking. Evangelical fervor permeates self-expression. There’s “a right and a wrong way.”

Sun-Saturn : Responsible illuminating of identity. Organization of self.  Jenoch or Mentor. Eldership. Finding oneself through pain and difficult experiences. No frills, no bullshit. The inner taskmaster. A serious, self-contained personal presentation. Enlightenment comes via trials, tribulations limits, restrictions and hard work. You shine through personal accountability and the constructive use of boundaries.

Sun-Uranus : Self-realization comes through putting one’s unique stamp on life, and questioning “standard” or “mainstream” ways of thinking, doing and behaving. Using personal creativity as a tool of innovation, yet accepting the alienation that comes with that. You’re one who gets called “crazy”, but gets quoted continuously over time. The hip-hop artist whose lyrics you finally “Get” much later on.

Sun-Neptune: The dreamer and idealist. The ethereal self-presentation. may be so concerned about unity with everything around them that they’re hazy on who they are. failing to establish appropriate boundaries with the collective. trying to be all things to everybody. A chameleon. A con-artist, selling unlikely hopes and impossible dreams. Spirituality is found through discovering a concrete self. Must discover the difference between being fluid and wishy-washy.

Sun-Pluto : Powerful Self – or creatively masterful manipulator. Must discover how to use personal power wisely and constructively. Can undergo multiple “deaths” in service of self-transformation. Understands the meaning of the “new birth”. can feel one’s own authentic personal expression is threatening, so they hide themselves, putting other on “remote control”. can have a transformative effect on others as a force to be remembered or a demagogue to forget. Charisma can empower or entrap.


Astrological Aspects to Mercury

Mercury Face

Mercury-Venus : The “smooth operator” Sade and Big Daddy Kane were talking about. Speaking the love language. Writing love letters. Erotic conversation. Erotic literature. Discussions about art. Discussions about relationships. The diplomat. The proverbial “fence rider”. The beautiful voice. The flatterer. You can catch more bees with honey than with vinegar. Stylish communication. Will smith as “hitch”. The hook-up artist.

Mercury-Mars:  Powerful thoughts. Intellectual aggression. Mental passion. Speaking with conviction. The fiery orator. Using the mind and pen as a sword. Bullying with words. A warrior’s mindset. Motivating with words. Turned on by conversation. The individual who “steamrolls” other people with their opinions. Talk like sex. The “hater” or slanderer.

Mercury-Jupiter: Studying everything but the kitchen sink. Holistic thought. A synthesizing mind. A Broad and comprehensive mind. Grand thoughts and words. The sky is the limit. The consummate optimist. One who finds meaning in discussion. A philosophical mind. Intellectual arrogance. The blabbermouth. Excessive pride in their opinions. Spiritual teacher. The storyteller who’s always exaggerating. A glutton for knowledge. The know it all.

Mercury-Saturn: Master Teacher. Mature Mind. Talking like a wise elder. Critical thinker. Fear of being wrong. Doubting one’s intelligence. A serious mind. A rigid mind. Mind like a steel trap. Strict and exacting intellectual standards. Realistic in their mental outlook. Practical ideas. Works the brain REALLY hard. Intellectual distance and objectivity. Communicates impersonally. Talking about work and responsibility. Weighty words. Lean words. Fear of public speaking. A mastermind. The bitter old woman/man. Gettin’ down like a pessimist. The bore. The dark cloud.

Mercury-Uranus: The brand new flava in ya ear. Lightning quick with thoughts and words. Rappin’ like Twista. The speed reader. Communicates in a unique style. Slang like E-40. Words serve as a liberating force. The erratic “crackpot”. The independent thinker. The revolutionary thinker. A progressive mind. Unusual thoughts. Occult/esoteric thought. Darting from one thought to another. All the way turned up.

Mercury-Neptune: The creative communicator. Artful conversation. Poetic words. The liar. The deceiver. An imaginative mind. Visionary thinker. Intuitive thought and communication. A sensitive mind. Refined intellect. Spiritually minded. Psychically connected. Psychically confused. The psychologist. The dreamer. The idealist. “This is your brain on drugs.” Intoxicated thoughts. Vague, elusive communication. Inspirational speaker. The subtle manipulator. Erotic fantasy. Robert Greene’s “The Art of Seduction.” Fantasy letters. The double talker. Nebulous words. Inventing an alternative reality. The mental escapist.

Mercury-Pluto: The detective. The secret service woman/man. “If I told you, I’d have to kill you.” Taboo thoughts. Deep secrets. A powerful mind. Intellectual intensity. Morbid thoughts. An obsessive mind. Obsessive about the details. The GZA’s investigative reports. A magnetic public speaker. Magic words. Filthy mind and filthy mouth. The dirty details. Killing someone with words. Getting revenge with words.

Astrological Aspects to Venus

Venus Face (1)

Venus- Mars: The passionate lover. Assertive in relationships. Socially active. Adverse to cooperation. Art turns you on. Motivated by relationships.  Assigning value to the masculine. Finding worth through sexual encounters/conquests. Applies the will diplomatically. Fiery partner. Makeup sex. Aggressive over financial matters. Creative motivation. Sexual accommodation. Sexual pleasure. Competition with the opposite gender. The “social bulldozer”, a.k.a. “you come on too strong”. Passive aggressive. Individuality and partnership. Sexually direct. Violent relationships. War and peace. Going to bat for one’s partner.

Venus-Jupiter: Uplifting relationships. Expanding one’s worldview through relationships. Multicultural relationships. Long distance relationships, or traveling to see one’s partner. Cheerful cooperation. Enthusiastic cooperation. Over spending. The philanderer. Honesty and directness are relationship values. Ethical relationships. Trusting and high-minded partners. Judging your partner or vice versa. Social arrogance. Social buoyancy. The hypocrite.

Venus- Saturn:  Being the “rock” in relationships. Valuing stable and mature unions. Fear of intimacy. Duty-bound in relationships. Socially inhibited; fear of letting go. Sense of integrity in relationships. Approach partnerships with a great deal of wisdom. Spending money with a purpose. Restrictive with finances. Fear of poverty or being destitute. Scarcity mentality. Takes partnerships seriously. Late marriage. Marrying someone older. Attracted to men like the father. Marrying for status.

Venus-Uranus: Unique and unconventional relationships. Liberated in love. Socially erratic and unpredictable. Shocking relationships. Values the avant-garde, the “different” and the offbeat. In and out of love. On again/off again relationships. No white picket fence for YOU. No attachments. Enjoyment of astrology and the esoteric. Finds shocking people exciting and erotic. Erratic spending habits. Love of high tech. Breaking the chains of social convention. “She’s straaaaaaaannnnngeee and I like it! ” Unusual tastes in art and music.

Venus-Neptune:  Erotic love. Transcendental love. Illusions in love. Confusion in relationships. Can’t see partner clearly. The music lover. Uplifted by music. Using artistic creativity, intuition and spirituality to make money. The spiritual partner. Finds spirituality erotic. Boho love. Poetic longings. Enjoyment of drugs and alcohol. Attracted to victims. Unclear boundaries in relationships. Relationships without definition (“What ARE we?”). Boundless, unconditional love. Love of the cosmos. Foot lovers. Soul love. Film lovers. Rose colored spectacles love. The drunk feminine. The cheating, deceitful partner.  Martyring oneself for the sake of a relationship. Fairy- tale romance. Self-deception in love. Saving a partner. Needing to be rescued by a partner.

Venus-Pluto: Nas’ undying love. Obsessive relationships. Taboo relationships. Transformative relationships. Intense relating. Jealous, manipulative partners. Sex as a resource or bargaining chip. Social power. Powerful partners. Extremes in love. Insatiable partners. Sexual taboos. Stalkers. Emotional vampires. Devouring partners. Regenerative relationships. Growth via upheaval in partnerships. The elimination of outdated patterns in relationships. Marriages with hidden agendas.


Random Quotes on Astrology

 Moon Browns Circle

“To analyze carefully day after day and year after year how the position of the various celestial bodies are related to the birth chart and to deduce from this what most probably is to happen may be an intriguing game; but this does not touch the essential purpose of astrology. This purpose is not so much to tell us what we will meet on our road, as it is to suggest how to meet it- and the basic reason for the meeting. Which quality in us, which type of strength is needed to go through any specific phase of our total unfoldment as an individual person. This has little to do with whether the events, or the persons met during this particular phase, are to be catalogued as “good” or “bad”. What is important is not the event-any event-but whether or not we are able to meet it with best results in terms of our growth.” 
-Dane Rudhyar

“Astrology is astronomy brought to earth and applied to the affairs on men.”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

“The natures and dispositions of men are, not without truth, distinguished from the predominance’s of the planets.”
-Sir Francis Bacon

“Astrology does not offer an explanation of the laws of the universe, nor why the universe exists. What it does, to put it in simplest terms, is to show us that there is a rhythm to the universe, and that man’s own life partakes of this rhythm.”
-Henry Miller

“I “believe in” astrology for the same reason that you “believe in” the multiplication table…….It works.” 
-Grant Lewi

“Let the signs and planets guide you, but let them guide you gently, not as tyrants, but as trusted friends. “
-Steven Forrest

“Astrology is not fatalism. The birth-chart indicates certain physical, mental, emotional and spiritual tendencies with which the person is endowed at birth. The blueprint shows what the soul has on its spiritual ledger- the debits and credits.”
-Isabel Hickey

“The astrological chart is not merely a means for abstractly understanding ourselves as fixed entities in time, or for determining influences in all realms of our lives. The chart is also a map for discovering who we truly are and who we can become when we decide to take charge of all our disparate parts and all the internal and external energies affecting us. Using astrology consciously, actively, constructively and responsibly, we can both discover ourselves and create ourselves in cooperation with universal forces.”
-Tracy Marks

“As an integral part of Kamitic Cosmology, astrology is a ‘Unified Field’ or ‘Gestalt’ system for cross-referencing all things and sciences to each other.”
– Ra Un Nefer Amen

“My evenings are taken up very largely with astrology. I make horoscope calculations in order to find a clue to the core of psychological truth.”
-Carl Jung, in a letter to Sigmund Freud

“Astrology’s roots lie in an ancient world-view which perceived the universe as a single living organism, animated by divine order and intelligence.”
-Liz Greene

“The study of astrology can help the intellectual, for it can give him the mental concepts which will expand his consciousness so that he may grow further along the path of enlightenment. He must not, however become confined by the limits of astrological thought but rather, once he has understood the principles of the astrological system, he should then continue to the next stage which is waiting for him.”
-Alan Oken

“We need not feel ashamed of flirting with the zodiac. The zodiac is well worth flirting with.”
-D.H. Lawrence

“The stars which shone over Babylon and the stable in Bethlehem still shine as brightly over the Empire State Building and your front yard today….” 
-Linda Goodman

“Astrology is a fact, in most instances. But astrological aspects are but signs, symbols. No influence is of greater value or of greater help than the will of an individual…. Do not attempt to be guided by, but use the astrological influences as the means to meet or to overcome the faults and failures, or to minimize the faults and to magnify the virtues in self. “
-Edgar Cayce

“A physician without a knowledge of Astrology has no right to call himself a physician.”

“Courteous Reader, Astrology is one of the most ancient Sciences, held in high esteem of old, by the Wise and the Great. Formerly, no Prince would make War or Peace, nor any General fight in Battle, in short, no important affair was undertaken without first consulting an Astrologer.”

-Benjamin Franklin

“It’s common knowledge that a large percentage of Wall Street brokers use astrology.”

-Donald Regan 

“The question of all questions for humanity, the problem which lies behind all others and is more interesting than any of them, is that of the determination of man’s place in nature and his relation to the cosmos.”

-T.H. Huxley 

“Men should take their knowledge from the Sun, the Moon and the Stars.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson 

“Millionaires don’t have astrologers, billionaires do.”
-J.P. Morgan                 

Planets Activating The Moon-Mercury Midpoint

RWB Circle Face Only White Letters

Moon-Mercury themes:  Understanding emotional communication, a.k.a : the “language of the heart.” To be in touch with one’s emotions while communicating. rationalizing instead of discussing feelings. Employing sensitivity in dealing with others. Intuitive thinking. Communicating with the ancestors. Verbal and emotional memory. Instinctively knowing how to make others feel comfortable.

Sun: “Down-home” communication. Soulful, rhythmic speech. Versatility and dexterity where you can talk to anyone. relating to those of a particular national origin.

Venus: Finding value in national heritage or racial group. Thinking about cultural beauty standards. Appreciation of biological and ideological family.

Mars: Taking heartfelt action. Instinctive assertion supported by logical analysis. passionate urge for emotional closeness. Battling with emotions as “competition’.

Jupiter: Counsel on using feelings/emotions as a form of richer, more amplified self-expression. Exaggerating feelings. Expressing feelings “religiously”.

Saturn: Tightly controlled feelings. Learning difficult, but timely lessons concerning emotional boundaries, or limiting one’s emotional involvement. Mastery of feelings, or allowing one’s reactions to be a hindrance.

Uranus: Inventive methods of communication. Original slang. Creating one’s unique language of intimacy. A mental/emotional connection to the avant-garde. Flashes of intuitive insight. Speaking impulsively.

Neptune: Poetic thought and communication. Understanding the subtle undercurrents of emotional expression. An imagination rich with feeling. Erotic stimulation through learning. Active fantasy life.. Empathizing with or “playing on” another’s “soft spots”. Spiritual thought. Spiritual deception.

Pluto: Sweeping transformation in one’s thought patterns. A significant change in one’s emotional intelligence. Re-thinking and re-framing emotional responses. Communication which stirs up subconscious fears.

Node: Emotional need to exchange thoughts/ideas with a close-knit group of people. Contacts which are “familial” in feel.

ASC:  Fulfillment comes through conversation which synthesizes thought and feeling.

MC: Seeking one’s tribe or clan in the larger world. The human family is connected to one’s highest aspirations.

©2015 by  Sagittarian Mind Consulting

Planets Activating the Sun-Moon Midpoint


Sun-Moon Themes: The inner marriage. Masculine and feminine. Conscious and unconscious. Active and receptive energies. A beaming light and it’s reflection. What we want and what fulfills us. Future and past. Spirit and soul. Zest for life and comfort zone. Life’s mission and security needs.

Planets Activating the Sun-Moon Midpoint

Mercury: The exchange of ideas is potentially used as a tool to bridge the conscious and unconscious mind.

Venus: Relationships can contribute to the merging of the masculine and feminine energies within.

Mars: The application of will is capable of synthesizing the life force and reflective, receptive energies.

Jupiter: One’s vitality and emotional needs can be through exploration of higher  knowledge as a vehicle for consciousness expansion.

Saturn:  Personal identity and the capacity for emotional expression have the potential to be stabilized and anchored by a responsible, mature presentation of self and control of feeling faculties.

Uranus: Individuation and authentic self-realization is merged with the reigning need to be unique and accepting of human eccentricities.

Neptune: Dissolution of the ego and merging of self with the collective can serve as a bridge for intuitive and spiritual understanding and support. Refined emotions assist in illuminating one’s life path.

Pluto: Powerful exploration of the depths of self  have the potential to fuel intense personal transformation. Desire to root out instinctual emotional reactions that are obsolete and no longer serve in personal development.

Ascendant: Using one’s personality as a vessel to “shine” . Projecting an authentic image to the public.  An open, honest presentation of self with a desire for emotional connection to the masses.

Midheaven:  An integrated personality is used as a tool for vocational empowerment and spiritual development.

Node: One’s connections/contacts hold the potential to assist in merging life’s mission with needs for emotional security.

Astrological Aspects to the Moon

Moon Face Circle Original

Moon-Mercury:  Speaking from the heart. Intuitive communication. Synthesis of intellect and feelings. Displaying emotional intelligence and acumen. Warmth in speech. The Hallmark card writer.

Moon-Venus: Social sensitivity. The cook who serves all of their friends comfort food. Warm and cozy relating. An individual that can successfully hide themselves in a crowd. Someone who can get “under your skin”, absorb and relate with a great deal of empathy.

Moon-Mars: Motivated by emotions. Sexual energy/drive is connected to moods and feelings. Nourished and comforted by Sex. Your moods can determine your desire to act and the application of your will. Potential to defend self with explosive tenacity.

Moon-Jupiter: Heightened and elevated emotions. Moving others with feeling; in an evangelical way. A jovial disposition and an optimistic outlook. Making learning acquisition of knowledge a “religion.” Showing reverence for freedom. Emotionally unrestricted. Suffering from intense pride and over inflating one’s emotional issues.

Moon-Saturn: A sense of emotional duty/responsibility. Heavy emotional burdens. Self-control. Emotional maturity. The grounding of feelings. Emotional isolation/blockages. Depression. Pessimistic outlook. Taking feelings seriously. A preserver of family traditions.

Moon-Uranus: One whose emotional fulfillment is connected to liberating themselves from cultural conditioning. Unconventional home life. One who wishes to deviate or rebel against the cookie cutter version of “security”. The “black sheep” of the family. A need to individuate, invent and put their unique stamp on their life.

Moon-Neptune: Permeable emotional life. Refined feelings. A need to transcend the mundane world. Drawn to spirituality and mystical experienced. Moved by poetry and music. A confusion about how one really feels. Self-deceiving or telling “white lies” when it comes to ones emotional life. Picking up on subtle emotional cues. Playing the victim, savior or the martyr.

Moon-Pluto: Digging deep into subconscious emotional life. Getting down to all of the ugly. Experiencing many emotional deaths/rebirths. Potential to rebuild/regenerate anew from tumultuous and even tragic emotional upheaval. Experiencing communion of the heart at the most intimate levels. One person’s trash is another person’s gold.

Image :

The Moon in Cancer

Moon Face Finished

The Cancer archetype symbolizes the emotional security and comfort that a “family” provides for us.

This family can be biological or ideological. Related by blood, or those who simply have values and worldviews which nourish and affirm us.

In a birth chart, when the Moon in Cancer, the needs of the personality are fulfilled not only by dealings with the aforementioned things, but also self-parenting and finding our deepest sense of internal security.
Treating ourselves well and providing the nurturing , personal care that we all deserve.
Listening to our intuition is also a prominent theme with the Moon placed in the sign of the Crab. For optimum fulfillment, those with this placement need to learn to refine our emotional intelligence.
In Daniel Goleman’s book : “Emotional Intelligence: Why it can matter more than IQ” , there’s a chapter entitled “The Cost of Emotional Illiteracy.”
Every time that we betray our intuition and ignore our inner voices, we leave ourselves susceptible to paying this cost.
The importance of striving to synthesize our emotional and intellectual lives cannot be stressed enough, as society has continued to put messages forth that exalt one and devalue the other- or even assign the faculties as exclusive to specific genders, which is equally troublesome.
Goleman sums our journey up succinctly:
“In a sense we have two brains-two minds- and two different kinds of intelligence: rational and emotional. How we do in life is determined by BOTH- it is not just IQ, but emotional intelligence that matters. Indeed intellect cannot work at its best without emotional intelligence.

Ordinarily the complementarity of limbic system and neocortex, amygdala and prefrontal lobes, means each is a full partner in mental life. When these partners interact well, emotional intelligence rises-as does intellectual ability.

This turns the old understanding of the tension of reason and feeling on its head: it is not that we have to do away with emotion and put reason in its place as Erasmus had it, but instead find the intelligent balance of the two.

The old paradigm held an ideal of reason freed of the pull of emotion. The new paradigm urges us to harmonize head and heart. To do that well in our lives means we must first understand more exactly what it means to use emotion intelligently.”

If you have the Moon placed in Cancer, or other prominent positions in the birth chart there, this is something definitely worth thinking about.


Taurus Sun, Virgo Moon


Within this earth laden combination, the work of creating value in one’s life is done through precision, analysis and paying attention to not only one’s external landscape, but also the emotional body. To keep serenity and peace flowing through one’s life, honest and elaborate self-checks are required.

Societally, this combination suggests one who has potential to find the perfect moments to make an impact which adds to a more streamlined and healthy functioning to whatever they touch.

In your chart, there’s a pronounced need for critical thought. You’ll find that the more you delve into it, the more solid that you’ll feel. Making the choice to address your inner critic in a forthright, no-nonsense manner is an important step which you need to take for your optimal functioning. There’s a common sense wisdom contained in this combination, which is inclined to keep life natural and pure, filtering out extraneous additives and preservatives.

Patience is well honed in your combination, as is the ability to dot all of ones I’s and cross all of one’s T’s  in the name of iron-clad material security. You will need to find a way to examine your feelings about venturing into new territory when it comes to your growth.

In its maladaptive form,  this sun/moon combination suggests both rigidity and a compulsion surrounding it. A possible lesson to be learned is that change and shift are part of the world we live in, and that comfort shouldn’t necessarily be viewed as a barometer of one’s progress.