Mercury in Aries : “I Spit Hot Fire”

Morning fire… #Repost @themoonsglow ・・・ Awaken the fires that blaze within you . Passions, desires, emotions, and will power meshing in flames, heat emanating with positive fuel alllows for sparks of clarity to fly out of the furnace within our...

The natal placement of Mercury in Aries suggests a passion for learning and forceful and assertive communication of one’s findings. This may indeed come off as “combative” to some, but this simply a way for the owner of this blend to test their mettle in all matters intellectual.

Mercury in Aries symbolizes the uncensored and straightforward expression of thoughts and opinions and an aggressive thought process as a means to get to the heart of the matter.

For those with this placement, your theme music is : “Straight Spittin'” by Rah Digga

You can listen here:


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