Pisces Sun, Aries Moon

Maroon College Face Circle

One of your keys to connecting with the greater sphere of humanity is to confidently and courageously know your own value and accept yourself in all of your intrinsic worth. After all, this is what fills your heart.

Your life lessons stem from being able to discriminate between working in your self-interest from thoughtless and insensitive behavior toward others. When you fearlessly love yourself and provide the self-care you deserve you have the potential to blossom into someone who understands the unifying principles which permeate through human life. Therefore, you can operate from a place of internal power and respect for self as well as your fellow woman or man.

We live in a society where “might makes right”, but you’ll learn that your application of will requires a touch of finesse to become truly effective. In fact, a potent STRENGTH lies in your SENSITIVITY toward other people.

The willingness to embrace the adventure of trusting your gut and following your inner guidance can serve as the ultimate tool in your self-realization. Visionary warriorhood lies within your grasp.


2 thoughts on “Pisces Sun, Aries Moon

  1. Thanks for writing this!! I found it really helpful and you offered some good advice as well as life tips. I’m currently a college student who’s still struggling with her major because it doesn’t align with my visions! BUT, I think I’m ready to take a leap of faith to try something that I believe in! Thank you ^.^ I hope you’ll write more articles on this and how maybe a 1st house stellium (sun, moon, Mercury, mars, Saturn) and pisces stellium (sun, mercury, mars and Saturn) should learn. Gosh! Sorry I got carried away and really excited from this article! 🙂 thnx!

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