Planets Activating the Sun-Moon Midpoint


Sun-Moon Themes: The inner marriage. Masculine and feminine. Conscious and unconscious. Active and receptive energies. A beaming light and it’s reflection. What we want and what fulfills us. Future and past. Spirit and soul. Zest for life and comfort zone. Life’s mission and security needs.

Planets Activating the Sun-Moon Midpoint

Mercury: The exchange of ideas is potentially used as a tool to bridge the conscious and unconscious mind.

Venus: Relationships can contribute to the merging of the masculine and feminine energies within.

Mars: The application of will is capable of synthesizing the life force and reflective, receptive energies.

Jupiter: One’s vitality and emotional needs can be through exploration of higher  knowledge as a vehicle for consciousness expansion.

Saturn:  Personal identity and the capacity for emotional expression have the potential to be stabilized and anchored by a responsible, mature presentation of self and control of feeling faculties.

Uranus: Individuation and authentic self-realization is merged with the reigning need to be unique and accepting of human eccentricities.

Neptune: Dissolution of the ego and merging of self with the collective can serve as a bridge for intuitive and spiritual understanding and support. Refined emotions assist in illuminating one’s life path.

Pluto: Powerful exploration of the depths of self  have the potential to fuel intense personal transformation. Desire to root out instinctual emotional reactions that are obsolete and no longer serve in personal development.

Ascendant: Using one’s personality as a vessel to “shine” . Projecting an authentic image to the public.  An open, honest presentation of self with a desire for emotional connection to the masses.

Midheaven:  An integrated personality is used as a tool for vocational empowerment and spiritual development.

Node: One’s connections/contacts hold the potential to assist in merging life’s mission with needs for emotional security.


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