Astrological Aspects to Mercury

Mercury Face

Mercury-Venus : The “smooth operator” Sade and Big Daddy Kane were talking about. Speaking the love language. Writing love letters. Erotic conversation. Erotic literature. Discussions about art. Discussions about relationships. The diplomat. The proverbial “fence rider”. The beautiful voice. The flatterer. You can catch more bees with honey than with vinegar. Stylish communication. Will smith as “hitch”. The hook-up artist.

Mercury-Mars:  Powerful thoughts. Intellectual aggression. Mental passion. Speaking with conviction. The fiery orator. Using the mind and pen as a sword. Bullying with words. A warrior’s mindset. Motivating with words. Turned on by conversation. The individual who “steamrolls” other people with their opinions. Talk like sex. The “hater” or slanderer.

Mercury-Jupiter: Studying everything but the kitchen sink. Holistic thought. A synthesizing mind. A Broad and comprehensive mind. Grand thoughts and words. The sky is the limit. The consummate optimist. One who finds meaning in discussion. A philosophical mind. Intellectual arrogance. The blabbermouth. Excessive pride in their opinions. Spiritual teacher. The storyteller who’s always exaggerating. A glutton for knowledge. The know it all.

Mercury-Saturn: Master Teacher. Mature Mind. Talking like a wise elder. Critical thinker. Fear of being wrong. Doubting one’s intelligence. A serious mind. A rigid mind. Mind like a steel trap. Strict and exacting intellectual standards. Realistic in their mental outlook. Practical ideas. Works the brain REALLY hard. Intellectual distance and objectivity. Communicates impersonally. Talking about work and responsibility. Weighty words. Lean words. Fear of public speaking. A mastermind. The bitter old woman/man. Gettin’ down like a pessimist. The bore. The dark cloud.

Mercury-Uranus: The brand new flava in ya ear. Lightning quick with thoughts and words. Rappin’ like Twista. The speed reader. Communicates in a unique style. Slang like E-40. Words serve as a liberating force. The erratic “crackpot”. The independent thinker. The revolutionary thinker. A progressive mind. Unusual thoughts. Occult/esoteric thought. Darting from one thought to another. All the way turned up.

Mercury-Neptune: The creative communicator. Artful conversation. Poetic words. The liar. The deceiver. An imaginative mind. Visionary thinker. Intuitive thought and communication. A sensitive mind. Refined intellect. Spiritually minded. Psychically connected. Psychically confused. The psychologist. The dreamer. The idealist. “This is your brain on drugs.” Intoxicated thoughts. Vague, elusive communication. Inspirational speaker. The subtle manipulator. Erotic fantasy. Robert Greene’s “The Art of Seduction.” Fantasy letters. The double talker. Nebulous words. Inventing an alternative reality. The mental escapist.

Mercury-Pluto: The detective. The secret service woman/man. “If I told you, I’d have to kill you.” Taboo thoughts. Deep secrets. A powerful mind. Intellectual intensity. Morbid thoughts. An obsessive mind. Obsessive about the details. The GZA’s investigative reports. A magnetic public speaker. Magic words. Filthy mind and filthy mouth. The dirty details. Killing someone with words. Getting revenge with words.

6 thoughts on “Astrological Aspects to Mercury

  1. LMAO @ Mercury-Jupiter: Studying everything but the kitchen sink!

    I plead the 5th. Based on that response I’m sure you can deduce the other aspect going along with the one mentioned above. 😉

    Awesome post!

  2. Mercury-Venus…oh my…question from previous blog question ANSWERED, and very accurately (‘crept that Saturn business damps down some of the fun…haha!)! Awesome!

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