Action, Assertion and Drive: Understanding Your Mars Sign

Mars Circle

Simply put, the planetary archetype of Mars symbolizes action, assertion and the application of will.

The sign in which Mars is placed in the chart suggests the style, or how we go about obtaining what we want. Mars’ sign is also connected to our method of attack and defense, or how we go to “war”. The house placement of Mars indicates the area of life development where we may be most effective and fulfilled expending this energy.

Mars in Aries: Direct, forceful and decisive application of will. Pull no punches, play no games. No gimmicks.

Mars in Taurus: Hearty persistence. Stubborn and unyielding will in service of how things “should be”. Expenditure of energy for practical purposes.

Mars in Gemini: Goes to war intellectually. Using words as a shield and sword. Explicit language. Slices and dices the competition cleverly and with a sharp wit.

Mars in Cancer: Intense self protection. Elaborate defense system. Applies will tenaciously. Pursues goals indirectly and in a subtle manner.

Mars in Leo: Confidence and self-assurance are drivers. Expends energy attracting attention and gaining notice for unique qualities and perspectives.

Mars in Virgo: Efficient vibe. Applies energy toward analysis and perfecting of skills to be offered as service to humanity. Pursues correct techniques.

Mars in Libra: Ultimate diplomat. Or constantly “riding the fence”. Application of will geared toward cooperation/partnership or the passive-aggressive contesting of  viewpoints just for the sake of debating the other side of the issue.

Mars in Scorpio: Goes to war psychologically. Investigates weaknesses and vulnerable areas of the mental/emotional makeup. Applies will with potency and intensity. Energy expenditures toward exploring the “underbelly” of life. Probes people and processes deeply and intimately. Tremendous regenerative capacity.

Mars in Sagittarius: Applies will toward deriving purpose and meaning from life experience. Pursues the construction of a comprehensive philosophical framework. Extends effort toward developing informed opinions to share with the world.

Mars in Capricorn: Pursues aims and objectives strategically with an organized and administrative focus. Desire centers around achievement in the concrete world, status and mastery of will. Climbs mountains and overcomes obstacles. Applies energy toward strengthening community and upholding tradition.

Mars in Aquarius: Gears efforts toward individuation and self-realization. Applies will futuristically toward humanitarian pursuits. Unafraid to be labeled “weird” or “strange”. Views eccentricities as a healthy part of personal authenticity.

Mars in Pisces: Energy applied toward sacrificing self for the ideal and merging with the collective. Motivated by the dissolution of boundaries. Going to war for, and giving hope to the downtrodden. Intuition and empathy are used to achieve personal goals.

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12 thoughts on “Action, Assertion and Drive: Understanding Your Mars Sign

  1. that could be a potential interpretation. the second house is the domain of what we value; our resources whether spiritual, physical or material and the manner in which we use them to further our existence. So you could say that your application of will needs to be focused in the direction of making the most of your personal talents, and when thinking about wealth, expanding that definition to include all possible dimensions of it. As always, the entire picture would depend on what your chart looks like as a whole. Thank you for commenting. I appreciate it!!

  2. I agree, born with a Mars in Aquarius. Have a Sun and Mercury in Aquarius, also. Not a days goes by when I don’t think about the future.

  3. Hi! Just a few thoughts on Mars in Aries, which I have in my natal chart.
    Whenever we are upset we let it straight out and seem to react straight away. If the problem is resolved, then it is resolved for good and we are not one of the kind who digs in old baggage or brings out baggages from the past.

  4. I am curious about how you would interpret a natal Mars Retrograde (such as my Mars Rx in Gemini in H4, ahem) or even a Mars placement in places that are usually thought of as detrimental. ie Air signs or places ruled by Venus or the Moon, with the caveat that the radix is to be understood as a whole not just disparate parts, etc.

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