Making Friends With Saturn

Saturn Circle

I’m determined to “make friends” with and capitalize on the opportunities which the planetary energy associated with Saturn is offering.

As I’ve matured, I’ve learned to appreciate the depth of symbolism which reflects the archetypal nature of the ringed planet.

In some circles, Saturn is considered to be a “malefic”, but I think it’s important to recognize that there can be a wider context employed when analyzing the planet in its totality. There are definitely two sides to the coin.

While Saturn’s energy is associated with delays, limitations, restrictions and sometimes pain- ALL of these can serve us a tremendous teachers.

Situations where staunch discipline is required and we must delay short-term gratification, or even circumstances where we feel hurt can offer us a top notch education. After all, when we learn lessons the hard way, we’re much less likely to forget them right away.

Saturn isn’t a flashy or glamorous planet by any stretch of the imagination. It’s energy takes us to task: it asks that we get down to business, and engage in finding practical solutions to problems without the aid of quick fixes.

In a world filled with short cuts where the mentality of expecting “something for nothing”  runs rampant, it’s appropriate that Saturn’s reputation is met squarely with its share of grumbling. The more I think about it, I realize that society has a collective fear of Saturnine energies because of our aversion of anything that may be remotely difficult. However, when you analyze what the word actually means, it raises more questions as to why we have such a high level of anxiety.

The word difficult is defined as: “needing much effort or skill to accomplish, deal with or understand.” Saturn is asking us to actually WORK in order to actualize our aspirations. After all, if we say we want it, shouldn’t we be willing to put in the time, sweat, intellectual or physical rigor to obtain our goals?

As far as Saturn’s relationship with limitations and delays is concerned, sometimes they’re necessary in order to obtain more clarity concerning a person or situation, or better yet, OURSELVES.

It would benefit us all to keep in mind that when it comes to Saturn, we can easily self inflict our pain by attempting to tread the path of least resistance. If we think about our lives more deeply, many of our journeys of self-discovery probably came off the heels of some intensely discomforting circumstances.

I don’t mind sharing that Saturn was in the picture (along with Uranus and Pluto) when I was involved in a tumultuous relationship which I viewed to be limiting. Although there was a high level of discomfort, that experience led me toward the deep exploration and study of the dynamics of partnership Astrology. I was also given cosmic instructions from the taskmaster on the importance of embracing solitude and setting healthy boundaries in relationships. What once seemed painful was merely a reorganization in service of restoring personal congruence.

Saturn is associated with many qualities, but integrity and authority are two that loom large. Regarding authority, Saturn symbolizes our internal locus of control, and the values we’ve worked to discover through time and experience. The breaking of the parental mold, where we firmly place ourselves as the primary manager of our lives.

Integrity isn’t only included in the realm of self-honesty, but it also suggests a wholeness or completeness within our psyche. To be undivided. To have our thoughts, words and actions demonstrate consistency.

During a major “Saturn period”, we may feel frustrated or “fated”, hence the planets reputation as the “lord of Karma”. We may feel as if Senex or “Father Time” is “out to get” us. This simply isn’t true. For these periods of difficulty are necessary to illicit self-exploration as a means to extract meaning out of our situation. Whether it’s a Saturn transit or natal placement, it’s purpose is to show us a specific set of experiences that are required for the development of our WHOLE SELF.

I’m thrilled to say that I’m working on my relationship with Saturn, and I appreciate what I’m learning. Although it’s not an easy task, my hope is that we’ll be friends one day soon, and if there’s a delay on that, I have faith that it’s all in the name of gaining a higher level of clarity about my life and myself.

Photo : Everett Prewitt


8 thoughts on “Making Friends With Saturn

  1. Hello! I thought I should say this and I don’t know where else, so:
    I love love LOVE your blog!

    I find myself regularly hanging out around here, revisiting posts to gain a new facet of understanding, immersing myself in the twelve archetypes to refine my idea of them …
    Your writing style and unique choice of words is so, so helpful to me! I’m so deeply impressed by your faceted approach and how you always provide such diverse angles to look at the signs.
    A lot of other resources often leave me kind of hanging in my particular approach to astrology, they don’t satisfy my million questions … but your blog is definitely everything I could have hoped for! So, I just wanted to express my appreciation..

    1. WOW… i read this last night and i had to take a moment to absorb it all. Thank you so much for your comments. Your words mean more than you know. I’m thrilled that my style of writing helps to encourage diversity of thought. That’s definitely one of my aspirations. I hope you’ll take time to come back again and just know that your appreciation has left me inspired. Thanks again.

  2. Hi Sag Mind

    I had been thinking about nipping through to your site today to see what you had to say about Saturn in Sagittarius – and what did I find this morning but YOUR comment on MY post! And that we had both shared the same beautiful image of Saturn. I must say as a fully-paid up Saturnian ( Saturn conjunct 5 planets, all squared by Jupiter) as well as child of Jupiter, I totally endorse what you say in this post. Saturn rewards honest, patient efforts both in one’s relationship with the wider world and in the at times painful attempts to be honest with oneself. It’s not glamorous – but it brings a good, rewarding life over time.

  3. Love you bro,
    Saturn is the past and here you go – whoa, yeah, keep on groovin’ – those were the days – and you are living the future for us – yougobroyougo – look way down in your heart and soul – that’s the way of the world – you are the child with the heart of gold….

  4. As a capricorn sun with saturn currently in my first house I feel the effects a lot. I have been struggling with loving my saturn, but i think it is a gift to have this placement currently in my life. and it will be worth it in the end.

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