The Cancer Woman: “The Listening Heart”


Cancer Circle

Modus Operandi: Earth Mother, The “listening ear”, The archetypal feminine, the womb of safety, Ms./Mrs. Tenacious, A soothing presence, the intuitive, the soulful one, the keeper of the nest, poetic sensitivity.

Where you can find her: HOME. Out at a HOME furnishing store in an attempt to make her domain more comfortable for her, and those who should be so fortunate to enter. Curled up securely under several blankets watching a sentimental, tearjerker of a movie. At her favorite restaurant. In an antique shop. At a used bookstore. Vinyl shopping. Obtaining a degree in anything having to do with his(her)story, roots and origins.

As we navigate through life in this “dog eat dog” world, it becomes more and more of a rarity to encounter those who sincerely care about OUR day, OUR feelings and what makes us tick.  If you’re reading this and you’re a Cancer Woman (or attempting to get close to one), know that all things concerning nurturing are hard wired in your circuitry.

The way that you “take care”, and “feed” others emotionally is directly reflective of the level of security that you feel within that space. If your relatively comfortable that you can trust those around you, you’re safe and you won’t be betrayed, the hard shell makes way for the soft and vulnerable interior to emerge. However, make no mistake: each has it’s purpose in your life and both have the potential to serve you in your interaction with the world.

Your Theme song is “Diary” by  Alicia Keys. You can listen right here: