Cancer Sun, Taurus Moon, Libra Rising


Developmental Tasks: To foster emotional connections which provide opportunities for mutual nourishment, support and rock-solid stability. To process experience through the lens of the artist and creator of beauty for the entire world.

As I’ve said before, one of the words in our vocabulary which seems to be misconstrued quite frequently is INTIMACY. Upon its mention, we immediately close our eyes and hear whispers of sweet words or slip into daydreams of romantic gestures and being enthralled in the rapture of ecstasy.

While enjoyable experiences may indeed be associated with this term, so is stomping out of a room in furious anger, sitting somewhere by yourself doing “slow burns”, or deliberately pushing the buttons of a partner because you know just how to hurt them.

With this combination, your solar force is directed toward the establishment of intimate bonds and this work is done through solid emotional grounding and consistency. Your vitality is sparked through your empathy and unconditional love and response. When you have something, and or someone to care about and support, you feel energized. To serve as an effective mirror for others is connected to your ultimate aspirations. After all, water takes the shape of its container.

In the midst of mirroring and connecting, it’s also important to establish your own domain of the heart,as to not become confused with who’s feeling what. Do not underestimate the need to maintain your own emotional space. When you’re able to master this “centering”, inviting others into your private realm will be rooted in sincerity and authenticity. You’ll understand exactly how much you have to give and in turn, what you anticipate as reciprocity.  You’ll learn that consistency isn’t “boring” and forming alliances based on unconditional love and caring adds a deeper and richer dimension to your life.

With Venus ruling your birth chart as well as the sign of your moon, the themes of the planet loom heavy in your psyche. With the Cancerian/Lunar vibe being shined on by the Sun, an ever- evolving story emerges concerning your ability to handle your important relationships with care.

If you find that your relationships are a series of “revolving doors”, with people exiting just as quickly as they enter- this is an important key that a re-examination and re-organization is in order.

Jodie Forrest  on the Libra Ascendant:

“Life should be met with a sincere attempt to achieve and maintain both inner equilibrium and equilibrium between the self and the surrounding environment to which Libra Rising is extremely sensitive.”

With your Astrological signature, the vehicle you use to navigate the world is that of sincere interest in other people. If this isn’t happening, it’s time to structure your life in away which allows for those possibilities, and part of this is making an effort to include those individuals with whom you feel a constant and unwavering interest can be maintained.

Your theme song is: “Foundation” by DJ Honda featuring Mos Def. You can listen here:

References: The Ascendant by Jodie Forrest

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Aries Sun, Leo Moon : “Epic Dynasty”

woman smiling in front of fire

In a birth chart, when the Sun is in Aries and the Moon in Leo, there’s potential for the hero of epic proportions to emerge.

The fuel which stimulates and ignites this person consists of  a strong thrust of identity into the outside world as to “make one’s mark” and exert a powerful impact into their environment. To assert themselves as the leader by example and proceed in the face of any fear or obstacles is one of the most fulfilling paths available.

The Leo Moon uses the Sun’s light to reflect a personality that needs to be appreciated for who they are. This placement suggests that this person is nourished by the validation of their identity and being noticed by others as someone special.

When you combine the solar and lunar placements, there’s a strong indication that attracting the attention of others is a major theme. To the person with the Sun in Aries, the resources of bravery, autonomy and bold action are yours for the taking, while a dignified, dynamic and proudly confident demeanor are all suggested potentials for the individual with the Leo Moon.

To be the best version  of oneself without guile or pretense and generously sharing your gifts with the world via the passionate fire of the Aries and the warmth and heat of Leo is the ultimate in epic self-expression.

Your theme song is “Epic Dynasty” by Dynasty

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Leo Sun, Virgo Moon : “The Life of Kings”


“Some are made modest by great praise, others insolent.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

The combination of a Leo Sun and a Virgo Moon in an individual birth chart suggests the potential to shine by making oneself useful and summoning the powers of discrimination and insightfulness with the ultimate goal of improving the existing state of affairs.

This person is fueled by attracting notice from others, usually through avenues which allow regal and confident self-expression. Their vitality is stimulated by leading and being appreciated for their special qualities which allow them to illuminate the world with the warmth and heat of the spark of their divine being.

In addition, the personality reflects a need to clear out the useless and superfluous gunk in order to become a more radiant vessel for individual creativity.

The solar/lunar blend of Leo and Virgo can assist one another in providing balancing elements.

Leo provides a “solar boost” to the otherwise suggested modesty and tendency to dwell in the background of the Virgo Moon, while the Moon in Virgo’s need for reserve and reality checks can help curb unhealthy  and excessive egoical tendencies of a dysfunctionally operating Leo Sun.

Leo’s energy, like the Sun’s is only as effective as the glow it provides for EVERYONE.

When one becomes overly critical of oneself or others, which is a regression of the Virgo Moon’s energies, the shine downgrades to dullness.

Also, when the ego gets out of check he/she ceases to be useful. When the desire for praise or fame trumps correct techniques for everyday living, the result may very well be the person who gains a counterfeit popularity through criticizing other people:  A certified hater.

Optimally, there’s a sense of refined nobility, a generosity which is both fervent and sincere. A richness of spirit that not only uplifts and inspires, but also serves practical aims in the tangible world.

Your theme song is : “The Life of Kings” by Phonte featuring Evidence & Big K.R.I.T.

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Leo Sun, Pisces Moon : “The Creator”

woman taking selfie

You were born to stick out, but maybe not for the reasons that immediately come to mind.  The simple fluidity of your natural personality can poeticize an already dramatic flair for self-presentation.

Gaining attention from others fuels your vitality. To be accepted and validated for just being you assists in your aspiring to greater heights, and also experiencing a oneness with the universe. However, it’s paramount that you don’t get so caught up in playing a role that you lose sight of what feeds you: connecting to spiritual source.

What you need is feelings of inner peace. this comes through nurturing your empathy, which is the desire to identify with the thoughts and feelings of others so you’ll know exactly where to radiate your light of inspiration.

Your confidence gradually increases when you feel like you’re uplifting humanity and bridging divisions. Your aspirations of self-actualization have the opportunity to shine most visibly through the recognition of the things which unite human beings rather than what keeps us at odds. Through this process, you’re achieving a more comprehensive understanding of what makes you happy in the intangible sense.

One of the dysfunctional and psychologically disordered manifestations of this combinations is getting high on other’s seeming admiration. Emotional intoxication as a gateway to grandiose ego inflation.

In essence, you’re a CREATOR.

Your theme song is “The Creator” by Pete Rock & CL Smooth

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South Node in the 3rd House, North Node in the 9th House

Image result for local vs. global

“So some days I take the bus home, just to touch home, from the crib I spend months gone.”

“Asked my guy how he thought travelling the world sound,
found it hard to imagine he hadn’t been past downtown”

– Common (from the single “Respiration” by Black Star featuring Common)

While you may be used to digesting information in your local environment, larger and greener pastures await. The challenge of this nodal axis is to stretch yourself from a smaller, relatively safe world into a broader more inclusive one.

There’s a gnawing discontent with superficial musings being passed off as “facts”.  While general curiosity needs to be retained, what you learn needs to be placed into a wider field of vision and you’ll need to understand WHY.

When we consider the 3/9 house axis, were considering the realm of the concrete (3rd) vs. the abstract (9th) the local neighborhood (3rd) vs the world (9th), information gathering/opinions (3rd) vs theories & concepts (9th), and basic education (3rd) vs higher education (9th).

In the 3rd house, we think of local travel: bus routes, cabs, driving, mass transit, etc…. while in the 9th, we have overseas journeys to foreign places, either by land or by thought. the 3rd house would be the newspaper, while the 9th would be a scholarly journal.

In the area of the 3rd house we analyze. we dissect information and examine all of the pieces. In the 9th, we weave pieces together and synthesize, forming larger philosophies in hopes of advancing what we’ve learned on a basic level.

My hip hop inspiration for thoughts about this axis come from Black Star (Mos Def & Talib Kweli) and Common’s 1998 single “Respiration” please enjoy:

Sagittarius Sun, Pisces Moon: “Everything is Everything”


In an individual birth chart, when the Sun is placed in Sagittarius and the Moon in Pisces, the themes of exploration and transcendence are blended. The core life energy of the Archer consists of  the desire to widen their scope of the world through the deviation from the local and familiar environment. This departure can take place through the body, the mind OR both.

Sagittarius energy is futuristic and it’s a requirement that their exploratory and questing nature be exercised in order to discover pieces to the puzzle of life’s meaning.  They need to constantly expose themselves to new and fresh environments to obtain the widest range of viewpoints possible about a given subject. The Centaur’s joy is in the leaving behind of anything which represents narrow or restrictive confines.

When the Pisces Moon uses the light of the Sagittarius Sun, it gives form to a personality whose reigning emotional need is to transcend the mundane and pedestrian and serve man and womankind in an extraordinary and unusual way. To sacrifice one’s ego in the name of a higher spiritual calling. This placement suggests a highly developed capacity for empathy and an ability to actually get “into the skin” of another individual. Hence, the requirement of solitude and times of “zoning out” to bring them into balance:

“These “escape” activities are necessary for Pisces since they have few psychological defenses and easily absorb the psychic influences of those they deal with. Especially those with a Pisces Moon have a persistent emotional need to escape from limitation and from the confinement of everyday life, the material world and the prison of their own mental patterns. At the deepest level, Pisces needs to escape from the limited “self”, from the ego-bound personal identity with all its fears and insecurities.”

You could say that this Sun-Moon combo is similar in that they both seek to rise above the everyday and commonplace. The Sagittarius Sun through adventure and the Pisces Moon through service. While Sagittarius is willing to sacrifice the comfort of relative “safety”, Pisces is nourished by relinquishing the trappings of the material world.

However, when these needs are overfunctioning, the Sagittarius quest becomes self-righteous and a wayward seeking of distracting activities which will satiate his or her animal nature, and the Pisces Moon seeks to either avoid reality completely, or create an alternative one which nurses their trepidations.

“However, one of the many contradictions of Pisces is that they often also seek to escape from self-knowledge! They frequently don’t want to know their true nature or others’ view of them. (a bit like the other two water signs- Cancer and Scorpio-they are most comfortable remaining in their private, subjective world, where they often hear what they want to hear or what they fear hearing rather than what someone else actually said). This is a key aspect of the Pisces Moon personality-that they often ignore or evade a realistic sense of self and a bluntly honest self-appraisal.”

At the very worst, this Sun-Moon combination can yield an individual who thinks they know it ALL, and wants to hear nothing to the contrary.  A scholarly, erudite legend in their own mind, who also happens to be very sympathetic and humane.

Used constructively, there’s the potential to merge the higher mind of Sagittarius with the Pisces sensitivity and intuition to give birth to a master explorer and teacher of the metaphysical variety who greets humanity with compassion, acceptance and good will.

If you have a Sagittarius Sun, Pisces Moon combination, your theme song is : “Everything is Everything” by Lauryn Hill. You can listen here:

Reference: Person-to-Person Astrology: Energy Factors in Love, Sex and Compatibility by Stephen Arroyo


Taurus Sun, Sagittarius Moon : “Paid In Full”


When Taurus and Sagittarius combine in the solar and lunar realms, the phrase “knowledge is wealth” immediately comes to mind.

Building an economy of knowledge and creating value through understanding are two of the major life tasks for those with these placements.  By expanding one’s lens of perception and encouraging others to do the same, one is able to gain confidence in operating in the world while enjoying its “simple pleasures.”

The fuel of security that sustains one’s vitality is reflected through a personality which has an emotional need to guide, teach and create avenues of telescopic vision.

Through making things “bigger”, one’s senses become gratified, one sight becomes clearer, and one’s internal growth becomes an accurate barometer of things going “according to plan.” This development also opens up pathways for tangible rewards and the acquisition of possessions on a material level.

The challenges faced with this blend arise when what is uncovered in one’s personal quest for truth conflicts with an ideology which has become solidly rooted in one’s psyche.

If there’s the presumption that “truths” revealed that produce opulence are more valuable than those that force re-evaluation of our personal belief system, the struggle to fuse aspirations and emotional needs can be particularly problematic.

However, if the desire for holistic understanding is greater than the fear of leaving one’s “safe zone” , an incredible amount of personal growth can take place.

Utilizing knowledge through building a business or institution which is a testament to your patience, fortitude and “green thumb” is a fantastic use of the synthesis of these energies.

Your theme song is “Paid In Full” by Eric B & Rakim.

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