Aries Sun, Leo Moon : “Epic Dynasty”

woman smiling in front of fire

In a birth chart, when the Sun is in Aries and the Moon in Leo, there’s potential for the hero of epic proportions to emerge.

The fuel which stimulates and ignites this person consists of  a strong thrust of identity into the outside world as to “make one’s mark” and exert a powerful impact into their environment. To assert themselves as the leader by example and proceed in the face of any fear or obstacles is one of the most fulfilling paths available.

The Leo Moon uses the Sun’s light to reflect a personality that needs to be appreciated for who they are. This placement suggests that this person is nourished by the validation of their identity and being noticed by others as someone special.

When you combine the solar and lunar placements, there’s a strong indication that attracting the attention of others is a major theme. To the person with the Sun in Aries, the resources of bravery, autonomy and bold action are yours for the taking, while a dignified, dynamic and proudly confident demeanor are all suggested potentials for the individual with the Leo Moon.

To be the best version  of oneself without guile or pretense and generously sharing your gifts with the world via the passionate fire of the Aries and the warmth and heat of Leo is the ultimate in epic self-expression.

Your theme song is “Epic Dynasty” by Dynasty

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12 thoughts on “Aries Sun, Leo Moon : “Epic Dynasty”

    1. Hi!! when you’re thinking about Virgo rising, some themes in regard to one’s window of the world would be: discrimination: ferreting out what’s useful/useless; what can be improved and function more efficiently. also, anything practical that has measurable results.

    1. No problem. Thanks for visiting the blog. With Scorpio rising, it’s important to remember the importance of taking calculated risks and trusting your gut. A Scorpio ascendant suggests a somewhat self-protective orientation to the world and it’s advised that one doesn’t allow that to inhibit one’s emotional need to be acknowledged and engage in creative self expression while aspiring to be top notch in their chosen endeavor.

  1. Thanks for the insight! The attention-seeking part is spot on and my friend called me “sunshine flows”. What about sun in Aries-Taurus cusp with Leo moon?

  2. yeo i like i like, but this seems a bit external or shallow compared to other combinations you have done, not enough depth, its just the surface, can you refine this plz?

    1. Hi! Thanks for the comments, and I appreciate you visiting the blog. The sun/moon combinations are meant to give a brief snap shot as to how the two entities interact in a birth chart. They’re more of a commentary than an in depth analysis. However, if this is your combination and you would like a more extensive consultation, you can contact me at about rates and how to schedule a 60 or 90 minute session.

  3. I have a gemini rising(ascendant). I am an aries sun and leo moon too and i hold everything written above to be so true. Can you detail on gemini rising?

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