South Node in the 3rd House, North Node in the 9th House

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“So some days I take the bus home, just to touch home, from the crib I spend months gone.”

“Asked my guy how he thought travelling the world sound,
found it hard to imagine he hadn’t been past downtown”

– Common (from the single “Respiration” by Black Star featuring Common)

While you may be used to digesting information in your local environment, larger and greener pastures await. The challenge of this nodal axis is to stretch yourself from a smaller, relatively safe world into a broader more inclusive one.

There’s a gnawing discontent with superficial musings being passed off as “facts”.  While general curiosity needs to be retained, what you learn needs to be placed into a wider field of vision and you’ll need to understand WHY.

When we consider the 3/9 house axis, were considering the realm of the concrete (3rd) vs. the abstract (9th) the local neighborhood (3rd) vs the world (9th), information gathering/opinions (3rd) vs theories & concepts (9th), and basic education (3rd) vs higher education (9th).

In the 3rd house, we think of local travel: bus routes, cabs, driving, mass transit, etc…. while in the 9th, we have overseas journeys to foreign places, either by land or by thought. the 3rd house would be the newspaper, while the 9th would be a scholarly journal.

In the area of the 3rd house we analyze. we dissect information and examine all of the pieces. In the 9th, we weave pieces together and synthesize, forming larger philosophies in hopes of advancing what we’ve learned on a basic level.

My hip hop inspiration for thoughts about this axis come from Black Star (Mos Def & Talib Kweli) and Common’s 1998 single “Respiration” please enjoy:


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