Scorpio Sun, Pisces Moon, Cancer Rising


Heavy immersion in water.

In this combination, raw emotional honesty and the potential for self-healing, as well as facilitating healing in others is illuminated through merging with one’s deepest spiritual source and nurturing your unity with nature. Your cosmic package is surrounded by an acute sense of  self-protection from the dangers which exist through a need to connect with and belong to the human family. Your celestial makeup suggests identification with the pain and suffering as well as the bliss and elation of others.

Some valid questions that this sun/moon/rising combination brings forth are : What is the meaning of authentic personal power? What does it mean to be a wise handler of such power? In what ways does my awareness empower or retard my own healing?

You’re fueled by crisis situations which hold the promise of self-transformation. Your life force is stimulated through delving into the aspects of life which transcend a superficial experience in favor of a deeper existence. You may be perceived as dangerous or threatening by some because whether it’s intentional or not, there’s a penchant for investigation, which by proxy, digs up hidden undercurrents and brings them to the light. Often, people can feel “naked” or exposed in your presence if they’re only attempting to parade what they deem as being the best parts of themselves.

This astrological makeup calls for the deep examination of any inner turmoil which exists as a result of attempts to obsessively control information about oneself. You may feel as if the more you know, and others don’t, the more powerful you are.

While you’re nourished and fulfilled by a sense of connection to a spiritual source and unity with your fellow human beings, one of your challenges is how to go about simultaneously nurturing personal connection with acute insight which isn’t meant for the faint of heart and only well received by those with a similar emotional wavelength.

The dilemma which you face is similar to the one outlined in Chapter 2 of bell hooks’ book “Sisters of The Yam” entitled “Tongues of Fire”.

Hooks writes about how African-Americans confront issues of openness and honesty. The Scorpio Sun suggests that nothing else will do, while the Pisces Moon and Cancer Rising add a refinement which can smooth a cutting edge which keeps ears and hearts open. The author says:

“Often times, black folks find it easier to “tell it like it is” when we are angry, pissed and desire to use “the truth” as a weapon to wound others. In such cases, even though a speaker may be open and honest, their primary agenda may be to assert power over another person and hence use the practice of truth-telling to assault someone else’s psyche. That’s why this chapter attempts to distinguish between the harsh critiques we give one another, which may contain “truth”, and liberating truth-telling, THEY ARE NOT THE SAME.”

With all of this water going on in your chart, there’s no doubt that there’s a swirling of emotional undercurrents. You may have learned sometime in your life that using honesty to “shame” or humiliate another person is the best way to get them to do what you want. In fact, this may have happened to you and you’re merely imitating the very strategies which were impressed upon your mental and emotional body at an earlier time. It’s important that you examine if this is the case or not because your ability to facilitate healing in other people will be only as effective as your absolute honesty with yourself concerning the material that you’re still grappling with.

Amidst the sense of danger that you sometimes may feel, the “vehicle” which you’re equipped with to navigate the world is one which is designed to optimize emotional involvement, yet preserve a safe space for continuous introspection and self-care. When you’re able to understand how to create and maintain inner security, you’ll have a much better idea what constitutes a feeling of mental, spiritual and emotional well-being for others.

References: “Sisters of The Yam” : black women and self-recovery by bell hooks

Photo by bruce mars from Pexels


11 thoughts on “Scorpio Sun, Pisces Moon, Cancer Rising

  1. I have this exact combination and I find everything you say to ring very true! I love the power questions… I’m definitely going to explore those. Also, I will always find that people I know or even random people will either be fascinated with me or terrified of me. Or both. This is on point regarding what you said about this combination’s ability to see the truth in others.

    1. Hey you:) I have also the same combination. In fact, i tried to contact you but don´t know how, so now I’m trying this way. Would really like to talk with you and interchange experiences! I’m 19 and living in Switzerland. Here my mail so you can contact me:
      I’m looking forward to “hear” from you:)

  2. I as well have this exact combination – I always knew I was a scorpio, however when i found out the combination of my rising and moon sign – I couldn’t believe the triple water and how relevant it actually is in my life – sort of freaked me out. If anyone wishes to connect that also has this combination much like fania314 above, you can email me

  3. My sister has this combination, and she’s the most powerful and charismatic person I’ve ever met. She’s also an excellent imitator and fantastic actress, I guess because she watches people so deeply and learns their secrets so well. Amazing article, thank you.

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