Capricorn Sun, Aquarius Moon


With many of us, there’s a continuous tug of war between what we expect from ourselves and what we THINK the outside world wants us to be.

The methods we use to manage this conflict play a major part in determining whether our lives will lean toward the direction of chaos and confusion or an ultimate internal peace and equilibrium.

With the Sun-Moon blend of Capricorn and Aquarius, tradition and the cutting edge of change are in the same building.

The fuel which propels a Capricorn Sun is comprised of bearing a standard, which has endured the test of time, and methods and strategies for others to follow which lead to a slow, but steady rise to prominence.

The forging of an internal value system based on solid principles which have been developed though life experience is a major driver in meeting the Sea Goat’s solar needs.

The Moon in Aquarius uses the Capricorn drive and ambition and reflects it in a personality which needs to honor their sense of individuality.

Aquarian Moon’s are nourished by whatever is unique, unconventional or avant garde. The lunar water bearer has very little interest in following the well worn path, as they would rather create one of their own.

In order for the life energy of a Capricorn Sun to operate at maximum efficiency, they need both short and long-range goals to pursue which will ultimately provide them with the status that reflects the amount of effort expended.

However, in order to be completely fulfilled, they must, as the Aquarian Moon suggests, pursue their ambitions in a way which is totally unique to them. It’s true that they must put their nose to the grindstone and go to work, but they must also have their own thing.


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