Moon-Pluto Aspects : “Quiet Storm”


Next time you look outside and see overcast skies and sense a thunderstorm on the horizon, do yourself a favor. Sit quietly and really listen to the rumble of the thunder which calmly precedes the outburst.

The sound may persist at a low, continuous, pace for a while. Building intensity and momentum. Once the eruption is full on everybody knows. It’s impossible to hide.

If you’re a hip-hop head, I’m describing the “Quiet Storm” remix by Mobb Deep featuring Lil’ Kim. Think about how you feel during the musical build up before Prodigy spits that first verse.

When the Moon and Pluto come together in a birth chart, the Moon’s symbolism for emotional security needs is partnering with the intensely transformative energies of Pluto.

Those with Moon-Pluto aspects tend to keep a tight lid on their inner world. Very private and self-protective, they don’t like others to witness their vulnerabilities, as they fear too much exposure could possibly result in  a loss of personal power.

A Moon-Pluto person’s psyche can be compared to a hotel peephole. They can look out and see what’s going on, but when you try to squint and look in: nada. Prying eyes are a definite no-no.

Moon-Pluto people know that when the full force of their emotions are unleashed we might be ready for a Wyclef/Mary J moment (someone, please call 911!! ) Yet, another reason for the stellar self-control.

If you have this aspect in your chart, there is an incredible potential to use your penetrative psychological skill to arrive at the “heart” of yourself as well as others. This aspect asks that we integrate the light and the darkness by honoring all of our facets, no matter how difficult the process may be.

For those with these natal contacts,  it’s important to treat the shortcomings and vulnerabilities of others with extra care. Your piercing insight can build another up to the mountain top or send them wallowing into the gutter.

A deep hunger for intense emotional experiences is indicative of these two planets. Skating on the superficial gloss of life does absolutely nothing towards providing the “food” which you require for your well-being. In fact, behaving in this fashion will bore you to tears.

As a Moon-Pluto person, you must live deeply. You must also realize that such penetration probably won’t have you standing in front of a white picket fence with a Colgate smile wheeling and dealing Corning Ware at a yard sale.

The potency you seek is more likely to come in the package of listening to your best friend’s stories of spousal abuse and infidelity, working as a counselor on a crisis hotline, or being the Psychotherapist who keeps a poker face in the midst of your clients dark sexual secrets.

In Steven Forrest’s book: “The Book of Pluto: Turning Darkness To Wisdom With Astrology”, he outlines guidelines toward recognizing a healthy person when Pluto is connected to the moon in a natal chart. I think these are well worth noting:

(1) The individual’s emotional nature is Plutonian. That is, he or she is potentially capable of extraordinary psychological self-scrutiny, not to mention scrutiny of others.

(2) The individual’s sense of well-being and happiness depend radically upon having outlets for that kind of intense, penetrating dialogue or experience.

(3) The person’s joy and vivacity are enhanced by encounters with anything verging into the territory of the taboo, deep psychology, but also occult investigations, explorations of death or crime, or “low life” subcultures and anything that pertains to facing squarely the twin Plutonian philosophical problems: that of evil and that of catastrophe.

“Such a person will instinctively seek out these kinds of experiences and thereby nurture him or herself. He or she will also radiate a very particular kind of welcoming message into the world, specifically beckoning anyone who is passing through a Plutonian period.”

If you’re from the “don’t worry, be happy” school of thought, you may indeed struggle in this domain. However if you’re willing to grasp the full gravity of this aspect, you will discover that:

You have the capacity to transform your life by using emotional catharsis and honest confrontation with the buried treasure within your psyche as an ally, to heal yourself and others.

Yes, Moon-Pluto: even amongst the darkness, there’s light to be discovered.

If you have a Moon-Pluto aspect in your natal chart, your theme song is the “‘Quiet Storm Remix by Mobb Deep featuring Lil’ Kim. You can listen right here:

Reference: “The Book of Pluto : Turning Darkness To Wisdom With Astrology” by Steven Forrest (1994 ACS Publications)

2 thoughts on “Moon-Pluto Aspects : “Quiet Storm”

  1. ❤ On point with that arrow as usual. Leo Moon square Pluto in Scorpio (*tear* to my chart AND these Jupiter/nodal transits). Out of curiosity, do you discuss your own placements on this blog?

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