Moon-Ascendant Aspects


Those with Lunar aspects to the Ascendant in the natal chart tend to involve acute perception, self-protection, intuition and emotional security needs as ingredients in processing their life experience.

Their strength resides in a deep awareness of the “fields of energy” that may surround them at the time. An example would be: they could potentially walk right into a room and feel the “vibe”, whether that’s joy, animosity, anger or lightheartedness. With this aspect reigning in one’s chart, a person would need to come to terms with these facets of their being and cease feeling like they have to explain to other people why they have a gut feeling, or to why they’ve decided to follow the guidance of their inner promptings.

While the Moon-Ascendant person is forever filtering their experiences on the basis of searching for “safe ground”, they’re perfectly capable of providing a secure, intimate space for other people to feel understood and fully listened to in a non-judgmental manner that exudes a warm and caring touch.

The developmental potential here is rooted in the premise that other people will open up to you based on their comfort level and you may be able to extract genuine responses that others couldn’t because your strategies lend themselves toward encouraging others in confiding and revealing confidences.

An often overlooked component of the Moon is its relation to roots, culture, heritage and ethnicity. With a connection to the Ascendant, these factors could also flavor the way that you perceive the world around you.

For example: if you’re an African-American Woman, you may find a need to incorporate that “lens” into the way that you see the world and this may be a necessary frame of reference from which all of the information that you contact is evaluated. (This example can surely be extended outside of this context, so feel free to insert examples which suit your particular situation).

When  integrated in a healthy manner, those with this aspect have projected themselves into the world with warmth and as someone who truly cares about people. The challenge comes with understanding the need to preserve one’s emotional resources as to have some left for the self-care that is an essential ingredient to one’s health.

Problems arise when you feel depleted because you’ve given support and time so extensively and begin to feel like so little has been extended to you in return.  The message here is that ultimately, your security base must be your own inner core.

Photo by nappy from Pexels

2 thoughts on “Moon-Ascendant Aspects

  1. Hi, that is truely a good validation of the aspects moon and ascendant in a chart! Well written and not so far from people with moon in the 1st house, I would add. Love and light Sabine

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