Scorpio Sun, Leo Moon


You plumb the depths of life experience via fulfilling your emotional need to establish a highly personal domain, a.k.a. kingdom or queendom: The area(s) of life which “feed(s)” you and attract applause, attention, admiration and validation.

When you clear emotional blockages to open up the portals of creative self-expression, a highly concentrated and potent statement of showmanship is what moves you emotionally. This “breakthrough” assists you in getting out of your own way.

Through accepting your self-esteem needs , you have the potential to become an agent of deep personal change and healing for others.

However, you must admit that you want to be noticed by others. Coming to grips internally with the reality that there’s no shame in wanting to be “seen”.

Don’t forget that it’s possible to fuel your aspirations of being in the limelight while simultaneously protecting your emotional resources.

The key is to accept and embrace your “shine”, not as a vehicle for egotistical inflation, but rather as a spiritual mission to transform the world you inhabit, and leave it in a better place than you found it.

At the VERY LEAST, you will be challenged to magnify and breathe new life into the issues most of us would rather keep buried to preserve the neatness of society.

This blend may have a poisonous stinger, but it also possesses a golden heart of a lion.

Photo by Isabella Mariana from Pexels


8 thoughts on “Scorpio Sun, Leo Moon

  1. “…leave it in a better place than you found it.” I’m impressed you stated, word for word, my life’s mission right there. I really like your description.

      1. Do you do compatibility readings? I’d love to know what your thoughts are on Scorpio Sun/Leo Moon/Venus Capricorn with a Cancer Sun/Aquarius Moon/Venus Cancer? 🙂

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