How To Work With Squares in the Birth Chart : Building Strength Through Tension


Amongst the sea of Astrological writing in books and on the internet, there seems to be a continuation of the view that when it comes to Astrological aspects: conjunctions are “neutral”, trines and sextiles are “good”, while oppositions and squares are “bad”.

I even notice when the “hard” aspects are written about in Astro cookbooks, the author seems to always head in the direction which doesn’t outline the developmental potential between the meetings of planets, but rather reels into a bleak and dismal fate to which we must resign ourselves regarding our relationships, communication skills or our identities.

I would like to offer another view on squares and put forth the theory that very little gets accomplished without the tension which the aspect suggests. When the word “tension” is used, this somehow triggers an anxiety filled image in people where they think something will be hoisted on them that they won’t be able to handle.

Let’s close our eyes for a minute and picture a trip to the gym for an exhilarating exercising of our muscles. Think about what your body feels like when you murmur to yourself:

“That was a damn good workout.”

We feel invigorated and empowered through the challenges we were able to face in the gym because we summoned the intestinal fortitude necessary to confront the obstacles that the workout provided.

In our natal charts, squares are there to test our capabilities. What we need to understand is: if we face up to what’s being presented to us concerning the principles that the planets in question represent, we can become a much more skillful navigator through the terrains of those energies. Another thing we need to realize it that this takes WORK. No one is saying that this is an easy ride, or there won’t be periods of time where we may feel defeated or stuck.

However, this doesn’t have to be the final outcome and there are several people, who have achieved to great heights in which squares are prominent in their birth charts, to illustrate this point.

Tension allows our “muscles” to become stronger and enhances their capacity to recover more quickly. These muscles can be those of the body, mind, heart or spirit.

Mind you, if you’re the type of person who seeks to take the path of least resistance or avoid anything which demands MORE than a minimal effort from you, there may be a problem.

If we’re truly looking to develop our capacities, as illustrated in our natal charts, to their fullest, it’s advisable that we re-examine the idea of an “easy” life. If what we desire is meaning and fulfillment, it’s important to consider that some of us may have to go “to hell and back” to discover it, but those excursions may provide a much richer existence than accepting a fabricated fate that “things are just going to be how they are.”

Please consider that the squares contained in your birth chart can be a tremendous asset to keep you motivated. You may have a bundle of energy that just needs to be released in an appropriate direction in order to assist you in providing the life that you deserve.

For those of you who are determined to make the most out of squares in your birth chart, your theme song is “Superman” by Diamond D. You can listen here:

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10 thoughts on “How To Work With Squares in the Birth Chart : Building Strength Through Tension

  1. This is wonderfully written and as a 6th house Virgo I approve of the gym analogy lol. I dislike the usual interpretations that might as well say “you’re f-ed, better luck next life!” that most other sources give.

  2. Thank you for your comments, and for reading the article. I think it’s important to counteract information that suggests that we’re just fated because of an aspect of tension. Although, I don’t wish to paint a “pie in the sky” picture either, I think conscious self-responsibility is the medium.

  3. Thanks a ton for this, I really like this perspective on “hard” aspects as something not to fear but to work through for the sake of personal growth and development. Read your article on oppositions too which are clearly a similar energy, can you speak a bit on the difference between the two? Seems like squares can be more “difficult” but that oppositions require more of a tradeoff or sacrifice, but I may be misinterpreting.

  4. I like the post, but I would like to add… have 21 squares in my birth chart. Including first house saturn square sun, saturn sqare mars, venus and pluto. There’s a limit to how many workouts one can do. Wow, such potential. So much friggin trauma and loss! So much pain and despair! Ask anyone if they’d like to trade – the answer will be a resounding no.

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