Scorpio Sun, Aquarius Moon, Capricorn Rising


The core life energy of the Scorpio Sun consists of controlling your environment through knowing about people and things. Information and knowledge is power. The need of your psyche is to pierce and penetrate deeply via passionate involvement with life’s enigmas.

Intense interactions which result in some form of personal  transformation are essential to the maintenance and expression of your vital force. One of your fundamental desires is to unearth root causes and you don’t flinch at the dark side of human nature or anything labeled by society as unacceptable or taboo.

The Aquarian Moon uses the light of the Scorpio Sun to give form to a personality whose foremost emotional needs center around individuation and resistance to the status quo.

You’re nourished by humanitarian service in the form of challenging cultural norms and freeing yourself from convention. Freedom and the right to live according to your own dictates is what sustains you.

For optimum fulfillment, your identity thrust into the world must be authoritative. The Capricorn rising lens that filters your worldview suggests an life approach of administration and ambition.

Devising strategies to make things happen in a way which reflects hard work and planning as tools for your accomplishments. It’s also suggested that you wish to present the face of integrity to the world, meaning an undivided individual in thought, word and deed who takes responsibility for their life creations.

Photo by Justice Hubane from Pexels

5 thoughts on “Scorpio Sun, Aquarius Moon, Capricorn Rising

  1. How can airy detached and emotional freedom loving aquarius moon be fueled by a scorpio sun that has an intense fixed emotional nature?

    1. The sun is symbolic of the type of fuel we need to optimize our life force and the moon is simply the reflector of the sun in personality form. So think: Scorpio fuel, Aquarius form. The Scorpio intensity must be blended with the reigning emotional needs of the Aquarian Moon to be truly fulfilled. Both signs have a natural square relationship which suggests an adjustment needs to be made in the name of integration of both energies. Think of the Scorpio sun as intensifying the Aquarian emotional need for freedom.

  2. With a Gemini Sun, the nature of the fuel that propels the individual would be centered around life diversification, managing duality, etc. So, we’re talking about a totally different energy here. One where there probably wouldn’t be as significant of an adjustment based on the relationship between aquarius and gemini. However, it all depends on what the entire chart looks like.

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