Aries Sun, Scorpio Moon


When an Aries Sun is blended with a Scorpio Moon in an individuals birth chart, the nucleus of the person’s life energy consists of  making a significant impact in the world by way of an assertive thrust of personal identity.

The sun’s placement here suggests that the motivating stimulus is to be recognized as number one, a leader and a pioneer who thrives on tests of internal fortitude and the grasping of challenges which allow them to “sharpen their warrior steel”.

The Scorpio Moon uses the sun’s light to reflect a personality who needs to pursue this dominance through emotional depth, knowing things and passionate penetration of anything in life which may be considered buried, hidden or taboo.

For this combination, the way to the heights of the top is through the depths of the bottom. There’s a high energy exertion contained in this blend in both the physical and the emotional worlds, so it stands to reason that extremes are something which need to be regulated. Although there’s a strong statement from the Aries Sun saying: “this is who I am”, there’s also a deep need to conserve emotional resources, as to delay full disclosure to the world.

The internal question is: if I reveal ALL that I have, what will be left for me? This combination also holds the potential for a considerable degree of personal magnetism. It suggests the ability to “hold” others whether through sheer force of  presence, or the passionate pulling of heart strings.

Photo by Rose Léon from Pexels

22 thoughts on “Aries Sun, Scorpio Moon

  1. Great piece! I know someone with this combination and he has said the exact same thing over and over in various ways, “if I reveal ALL that I have, what will be left for me?” We aren’t sure if he has a scorpio or cancer ascendant though – it sucks when the birth-time is doubtful!

    1. hey!! thanks for reading!! i appreciate the comments. i’m going to be incorporating the ascendant in my profiles more often…..

  2. I’m aries, Scorpio moon. Describes me exactly. There is an innate tension here, drive an extroversion, highly successful, but a side that is hidden an never revealed. A huge problem in relationships.

    1. thank you for reading, and i can totally relate. we would rarely generate activity in this world if it wasn’t for tension. when we go to the gym, it’s the tension which makes our muscles grow and builds strength and resistance. however, i think the key is to keep all fields of vision open as to not develop blinders to life’s vast possibilities.

  3. Really great article. I´m an Aries Sun Scorpio moon. I have intense feelings that I cannot confess sometimes. I live a lot in my imaginary world, I explore lived emotions (sometimes with just remembering the circumstances I can feel emotions at the same intensity) or I explore possible emotions, regarding people that I like, both friends or lovers. I lived a lonely childhood and I think that´s why I´m like this. In my youth I lived very intense, a continous up and down and I found great passion in all my relationships. I couldn´t keep a normal job because of my intense feelings. That day to day routine made me feel I was loosing my life. Now I´m dedicating to my lifetime passion. This is consuming me and feeding me at the same time, as well as my relationships. I like to spend time alone, I meditate a lot about life and death and our purpose in this world. I love to explore, travel, do something new every day, flow with the unpredictable, I don´t like timetables or too many rules, I let my feelings drive me every single day, that´s how I feel free. I don´t link my life to goals and efficiency. I´m trying not to loose a single significant thing. Sometimes I feel a bit different, but I guess that´s how an Aries sun Scorpio moon feels like.

  4. I just came across this page… I am an Aries sun with Scorpio moon. I have always felt different from people my whole life. I have had deep relationships with friends/lovers as the years passed and I still never let them know all of my thoughts and feelings and seemed to reserve them for my imagination. I love My alone time and I research anything and everything that comes to my mind.. Not for others or for conversation, but for myself and understanding.. That is where I grow. I am also MADLY in love with a man. I never had a love like this. I am deeply loyal and attached without having to speak of it, it’s just how I feel in my heart and it allows love to flow through our relationship. No games just passionate love. My life is more complete with the balance of having an incredible and passionate relationship with myself And with the man of my dreams.

  5. Revenge,in every area…in every way…and a love of raw passion…devotion…probably these are the theme of our lives.

  6. I am dating an Aries Sun, Scorpio Moon, Leo rising. I love this man and he totally is the man of my dreams (it feel so now been 4 months since we are dating). I am Aries Sun, Cancer Moon, Gemini rising.

    However, I sometimes fear that he might not be loyal in future or might lie to me. Initially, he lied to me about certain insignificant things just to look cool 😛

    He is deeply in live with me and tries to draw all my fears away with deep and strong commitments. But my Cancer is very cautious. Shall I relax and trust?

  7. I’m an Aries sun with a Scorpio moon and a Scorpio rising.
    When I think about my emotions and the people I’ve been deeply associated with in the past, i feel like a wildfire, who destroyed each and everyone, and not because of vengeance, merely because of love, i feel too much.. and i think i make others feel the same way. I love my freedom, I can see right through people,, so its really hard for me to live with/around dishonest and sketchy people. It’s hard to make friends as well, because of this quality. In a relationship, i want all or nothing, i can never stay with someone halfway, i need to let that person fully absorb me but still have him as a friend. This combination needs to be with a very VERY understanding partner, since we have a pool of unpredictable emotions. I’m very impulsive and sensitive regarding little things.. and I’m VERY obersing. I can never forget things, and i remember them with the same intensity of emotions like when it happened. I also truly believe in astrology

  8. I’d be interested to hear what a sun-moon opposition adds to this (sun at 29 degrees of Aries, moon at 1 degree of Scorpio). Everything I’ve ever read about oppositions assumes the planets are in opposite houses, like Aries sun, libra moon, etc.

  9. No need to thank me for commenting, I welcome any opportunity to give my “2cents”! I am an Aries sun, Scorpio moon with ascendent in Scorpio. I go all in on projects, activities, relationships, or ideas that make me feel good. I have been called zealous, intimidating, strong and spiritually schizophrenic. When I’m in a group or partnership, I may go too hard…love too much too fast, trying to accommodate to avoid confrontation, and eventually give up or stop being all in. Regardless, this light of mine is gone shine! The sun is in my first sign! I light up dark places. I rise everyday!
    I appreciate your perspective and look forward to a reading.

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