Mercury-Uranus Aspects :”Brand New Flava in Ya Ear”


When Mercury and Uranus hook up in a natal chart,  innovative thought which seeks to release itself from the straight jacket of convention is highlighted.

I think Craig Mack said it best:

“here comes the brand new flava in ya ear….. time for new flava in ya ear…. im kickin new flava in ya ear.”

Every planetary placement or aspect in our chart can serve us as an opportunity.

With Mercury-Uranus contacts, we have the continuous chance to infuse our intellectual faculties with new and fresh ideas. To spark innovative thoughts.

Mercury represents our thought process and what we think about. Uranus symbolizes dynamic change, unconventionality and departure from the status quo.

If Mercury touches Uranus within your birth chart, the potential is there not only to shock and shake yourself out of conditioned responses, which ultimately revolutionizes your mind, you can also serve as a catalyst for others by encouraging the same type of examination and questioning concerning the usefulness of the existing thought structures.

Your perceptions have the potential to be lightning quick and accurate to boot. Trusting your intuitive faculties is an important ingredient in this cosmic recipe. We’re talking about flashes of mental insight while in the shower, on the train, driving to work- you name it.

Some astrologers say the highest manifestation of this aspect means genius. I say it can produce someone who not only colors “outside the lines” in life and stretches the boundaries of the mind, but also consistently maintains the courage to stand alone in the face of their ideas initially being branded as  “unpopular”, or highly eccentric.

An individual who knows the price of admission to non-conformity and keeps a stash of currency to cover it.

If you have this connection in your chart, it’s extremely important to develop and nurture your capacity for independent thought.

Your natural inclination is to reject the “herd” mentality. So, go ahead and keep developing your new slang and verbiage and let others take their time in catching up.

On the flip side, it’s not a good look when your authenticity is reactionary. When you attempt to be different just for the sake of it. You then become a pseudo-enigma with your “originality” predicated on looking at what everyone else is doing, and simply doing the opposite.

With a Mercury-Uranus aspect in your natal chart, your theme song is “Flava in Ya Ear” by Craig Mack. You can listen right here:

6 thoughts on “Mercury-Uranus Aspects :”Brand New Flava in Ya Ear”

    1. hey hey!! thanks for reading and i appreciate the comments. it’s good to know that i’m on the right track because making astrology understandable is one of my foremost concerns.

  1. Love this!

    I have Uranus (conjunct Jupiter) trine Mercury in my natal chart, all in air signs. It’s like having a balloon filled with hot combustible air instead of a head.

    It takes a lot of getting used to and it needs to mature or else it’s just a rebellious mind rebelling and shocking just for the sake (and fun) of it. Then it becomes something a bit more interesting as it leads to great adventures of the mind in a beautiful balloon.

    Do you have them in aspect natally, you sound like you know it well?

    1. hey!! thank you so much for the comments and I appreciate you taking time to read. I definitely feel what you’re saying about this aspect, and it may in fact, get better as we mature. Actually, I have a mercury-neptune conjunction… so yeah… that’s my territory. Lol!! I look forward to seeing you again!!

  2. Nicely put. I never really associated the Uranus influence with my ability to “shock and shake myself out of conditioned responses” as you put it. I have Aquarius Mercury in the 8th, so I tend to go very deep into the psyche very quickly. It’s loosely conjunct my Capricorn Uranus in the seventh house. I can feel a faint interaction there, with a feeling of restriction but also wanting to make a career out of that energy. I largely related to what you said about using this ability to shock and shake others as well. With my Pisces Sun, I can cut straight to the core and use that ability to heal. Lovely post!!

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