Moon-Jupiter Contacts in Relationships (Synastry): “It Feels Good”



In synastry (relationship astrology), when there’s contact via aspect between one person’s Moon and the other’s Jupiter, or vice versa, it opens the door for a wide array of possibilities.

The Moon symbolizes our deepest emotional needs reflected in the form of a personality. Security, comfort, warmth, nurturing and receptivity are all fall under lunar domain.

Jupiter represents amplification, elevation, protection and magnification. Jupiter’s archetype expands whatever it touches from the highest, most inspirational peaks to the depths of gluttony, exaggeration and overindulgence.

With this dynamic present between partners, both of you may feel that you “can’t get enough” of the other person. That there’s no such thing as too much. With these planets aspecting one another, there’s a sense of mutual admiration and protection.

Also, the tendency to hold each other up to the highest ideal. There’s immense potential for a heightening of mood. when in each other’s presence. An infusion of tenderness and heartfelt emotional exchange.The open sharing of feelings.

The flip side of this aspect is that the individual worlds of both partners could be stamped with the stigma of being hopelessly mundane in comparison to the union. This dynamic can contribute to a lackluster effort to explore the world on their own terms and inhibit the joy of independent discovery. The relationship then turns into “life is no fun without you.”

As with any synastric aspect, much of the degree and style of its functioning depends on the level of maturity and  self-awareness of the individuals involved.

If you share this aspect with another person, your theme song is  “It Feels Good” by Tony, Toni,  Tone. You can Listen here:


Photo by Luis Quintero from Pexels

3 thoughts on “Moon-Jupiter Contacts in Relationships (Synastry): “It Feels Good”

  1. I have this aspect with a person I deeply care about. It occurs in the sign of pisces. I don’t know if he has the same feeling as I do but when we are around each other there is a kind of sweetness and tenderness that makes me feel so calm. I am the jupiter and he is the moon. His saturn also conjuncts this mix, so there is a little restraint that I feel from him as well. But overall, I think that we both just instinctively trust and understand each other. It is a very tender aspect. And fun!

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