Venus-Neptune Contacts in Relationships (Synastry) : “Love No Limit”


Self-admittedly, when it comes to relationships, you could say that I lean towards idealism. 

However, I don’t consider myself to be the type of Astrologer who ignores the challenges, and sometimes harsh realities that come with the care and maintenance of interpersonal unions.

I am a firm advocate of healthydynamic, adultadult relationships and this piece will be written from the perspective that we can undoubtedly have the relationships that we want if we’re willing to put forth the effort to obtain them.

Intimate relationships require work, but they don’t have to be drudgery. We don’t have to be struggling all of the time in order to feel that our partnership is growing.There’s a tremendous amount of satisfaction to be derived from genuinely connecting with another human being on a deep level.

While I agree that the specific aspect between the two individual charts may highlight the relative ease or difficulty of  the interpersonal dynamics, I also say that the potential for the positive manifestation of Venus-Neptune contact is no less potent because the two may happen to be in a “hard” aspect, i.e. a conjunction, square or opposition.

In fact, because of the sheer effort which often times needs to be expended due to the tension of the more stressful aspects, the couple actually may be able to arrive at a much deeper, solidly intimate space as the union evolves.

So, what happens when the enchanting, inspirational Neptune of one partner makes contact with the relationship-ready, great attractor Venus?

This, ladies and gents…. is the stuff dreams are made of.

In synastry, Venus-Neptune contacts are a prime indicator of two individuals who consistently look for the best in each other and give the best of themselves.
A love which displays itself in a ethereal fashion, where harsh judgement and criticism are strangers who get left out in the cold without so much as a morsel of food.
The dream man or woman from another planet. The consistent: “Where did he/she come from?”

Inherently, idealism is not a negative component within a relationship. There’s minimal harm in wanting to view your partner in their best light. To feel like the love you share can transcend the mundane plane of petty human flaws and quirks.

The problem arises when, because of fear of conflict or confrontation, there’s no recognition by either party that these differences exist. By differences, I’m not talking about Sean’s tendency to leave the cap off the toothpaste, or Denise’s propensity to push the snooze button a couple times on the alarm clock. I speak of preferences which can have a major effect on the entire tone of the relationship.

Sometimes, it’s possible to become so caught up in the other-worldliness of our partner that we fail to realize that we can’t live in that “other” world on a consistent basis.

To err is to be human and it would help us immensely to remember this regarding our significant others, so we don’t feel as if the world is crumbling around us when we wake up in the morning to “hot breath syndrome”, or we have to wait “35-45” minutes to enter the bathroom after our partner’s lambasting of the porcelain due to some subpar Mexican food.

The key to working constructively with Venus-Neptune aspects is to strive toward being perfect for each other, thereby forming a realistic ideal within the context of the relationship. Exercising open-hearted compassion for each other’s faults and frailties.

Always remembering that one another’s vulnerability is a precious gift and handling it as such. For the abuse of such an offering only contains elements which can fully erode the substance of love and cheapen the bonds of intimacy which brought you together.

Those of you who share this aspect with a significant other: know that you’re in control of sculpting the dream you wish to see manifest. Although your ideal may evolve over time, it’s not so elusive that you cannot have it, with commitment, dedication and a firm grip on mutual realities.

However, If you plan to disregard your differences, or continue to hold on to the notion that your partner walks on water and his/her breath smells minty fresh 24-7, that dream could soon become a nightmare.

With both partners remaining “wide awake”, this aspect can suggest love without limits.

If you share this aspect with someone, your theme song is : “Love No Limit” by Mary J. Blige. You can listen here:

Photo by Lore Adeogun from Pexels

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