Leo Sun, Libra Moon : “Exhibit C”


With the constant influx of messages from numerous sources, which emphasize our lack as human beings, maintaining our confidence can be a formidable challenge. Being repeatedly told we’re “too much” of this or “not enough” of that can certainly wreak havoc on our self-esteem, whose development is directly tied to the quality of relationships we’re able to forge with others. Effective navigation of these issues requires a combination of both boldness and finesse.

The Sun-Moon combination of Leo-Libra magnifies the themes of self-appreciation , artistic flair, and harmonious social relations.

When an individual has the combination of a Leo Sun and a Libra Moon in a natal chart, it suggests that the person’s vitality is stimulated through the process of creative self-expression and they’re fueled by gaining notice and appreciation from others for being a unique individual. The solar light is reflected through a personality that needs to skillfully maintain well-balanced relationships and be thought of as kind, objective and humane.

The challenges that come with this Sun-Moon blend revolve around knowing when to place oneself in the center of a situation, confronting the elements which comprise the ego, versus choosing more of an accommodating stance in the name of peace and harmony.

Also, vacillation between concern for one’s own being and interest in others. The back and forth of “tell me about yourself” and “No… wait, let’s talk about ME”. While the solar force of Leo wants to shine and attract attention, the reigning emotional need is to accommodate others and relate from their point of view. 

When balanced, there’s a healthy self-concept that radiates pride and a robust confidence, but also the exhibiting of a common touch or social savvy which allows this individual to interact with others as equals.

The imbalance, as described by Astrologer Steven Arroyo, is a totally different story:

“Indeed, Libra Moon often balances (themselves) off whatever interpersonal input they receive, usually doing so gently. They take personal relationships seriously and pride themselves on fairness and being able to see the other person’s point of view.

This tendency of putting themselves in the other’s situation, more marked in Libra than any other zodiac sign, can be carried so far as to see them lean over backward to please the other person- often ignoring their own interests. They have a need to be liked that motivates much of their person-to-person behavior, to the point that it can undermine their highly valued objectivity.

The desire to avoid unpleasantness can lead to relatively superficial, placating responses that may not be completely sincere-occasionally verging on flattery. They easily lose themselves in the others energy field and become confused about where they end and the other begins. In other words, their spontaneous reactions are unconsciously modified by how the person they are interacting with is reacting !”

For those with this combination, it’s well worth considering examining the effect others’ emotional reactions have on you. A dysfunctional use of this energy can be to stop dead in your tracks and reverse field because you fear the slightest bit of disagreement or conflict coming on. What has to be remembered is conflict doesn’t have to be a negative word, in fact if you’re able to navigate it, there can be a deeper sense of appreciation for another human being as well as renewed respect for yourself because you didn’t sit on the fence or allow indecision to get the best of you.

Jay Electronica’s “Exhibit C ”  is your theme song if you have this Sun/Moon placement. If you feel compelled to do so, please take a listen:

Reference: Person-to-Person Astrology: Energy Factors in Love, Sex & Compatibility by Stephen Arroyo

Photo by THE COLLAB. from Pexels

17 thoughts on “Leo Sun, Libra Moon : “Exhibit C”

  1. How can someone be one moon sign but have the exact behavior of another moon sign? That is my dilemma…I behave like a moon in aquarius but I have no placement in that sign whatsoever…

  2. Nik:
    Thanks for the question and the comments. Our Moon signs represent our deepest needs for emotional fulfillment. Usually, the behavior we exhibit is in service of meeting these needs. The moon in aquarius suggests a need to individuate; to question and break away from cultural conventions or societal constraints. not only can this need be identified through the moon sign, but also several other areas of the birth chart. you could have personal planets contacting uranus or possibly jupiter, a strong 9th or 11th house, etc…. It’s very difficult to isolate factors in a chart and come away with a complete picture. in astrology, the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts, so we have to consider the rest of your chart as well. thanks again for stopping by the blog.


  3. I see sometimes you make entries which include Ascendant along with the Sun and Moon sign.. Would love to see a post in the future breaking down a Leo Sun, Libra Moon, Cancer Rising 🙂

  4. Damn, how could you know that Jay Electronica is my favourite rapper, or is the track just a coincidence? Does he appeal to leo sun, libra moon especially?

    1. haha!! oddly enough, when i think about this combination, “exhibit c” immediately comes to mind. he’s talkin’ about “shining like he grew up in a shrine in peru” (leo sun) and civilizing an 85er, which i take as being a form of refinement (libra moon). i love synthesizing astrology and hip hop. i appreciate the comments and thanks for visiting the blog!!

  5. This is a highly interesting article! Thank you for such a great analytical view of Sun in Leo/Moon in Libra. Living with this placement for 31 yrs, even though sextile by aspect, has many ups & downs. I like how you specified this vacillation from “back & forth” from one’s ego. As balanced as many think I am, the need to be and feel UNIQUE is so important (natal Sun trines my Uranus, I have a strong Uranus). And my friends point out that I am extremely “contradictory” and full of “paradoxes” (w/o taking into account my other natal aspects), but, with my full consciousness, I can confess that this is highly due to this “me versus you” battle. All in all, we are highly sociable, romantic people (with a pinch for mystery)! A dry, cool environment surrounded by crude individuals may be either a total turn off or soul “suicide”. Thanks again, Sagittarian Mind! 😉

  6. I have this placement with a Sagittarius Ascendant, Mercury Virgo, Venus in Leo and Mars in Scorpio. I feel like much of this is very true about the sun/moon combination but with the mercury in Virgo and Mars in Scorpio I try and repress or hide that I am battling it out. It’s taken many years for me to get mentally balanced where for years I was either very silly or very serious and no where in between and very much a people pleaser (that was easy but felt lost). Glad those days are behind me.

    Great job on your blog!

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